Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Florida week - Disneyworld.

Firstly I am sorry about the delay in Florida week. It was meant to start on Sunday but Si and I only started doing the videos Sunday. We are having a heatwave in the UK at the moment and I wanted to make the most of the sunshine on my days off.

So here we are FLORIDA WEEK!

We landed in Orlando during a tropical storm. Thank you Andrea! You sure knew how to welcome your visitors to the state. Luckily we landed towards the end and only had to go through one day full of rain. However, it was the warmest rain I have ever been in so even though we were wet, we weren't cold.

We decided that since it was raining we would spend our first day in the park with the most indoor rides/attractions. We were advised Universal was the best place so we spent the day in Universal Studios. Even though it rained we still had a lot of fun!

My favourite rides were The Simpsons and Despicable Me. They were both 3D motion attractions which I just thought were so fun, plus they were indoors!

The following day was our first day of SUNSHINE! I was in such a good mood. We went to Hollywood Studios where we went on most of the rides. Simon and I both agreed that the Rock n Roller coaster was the best ride there! I also loved seeing the shows - especially Beauty and the Beast. This was also the day I found the Waffle cone. They're huge and taste amazing - I can honestly say after this day I had a waffle cone everyday of the holiday. I also really liked the design of Hollywood studios - it didn't seem as packed and had more space to walk around compared to the other parks. On another note it was also really cool to see all the backstage stuff like the backlot tour, touching props used in films and learning quirky facts about film sets. It made you appreciate what goes on behind the camera!

Next up...part 2!


Colette said...

The Simpsons is my fave ride ever!

Funny that you like the layout of Hollywood Studios. I think it is so confusing and impossible to navigate! I always got really lost.

Joyce said...

Now I'm craving a waffle cone and a trip to Disney : ) Cute video!

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