Thursday, 11 July 2013

Disneyworld - Part 2

Our Disney adventures continue today with the second half of our trip to Disneyworld. The sun continued to be on our side for the rest of our time there. It tended to rain late afternoon which was fine because it was a short burst and then soon dried up! There was one day during our time in Magic Kingdom where we were warned by Disney staff that a thunderstorm was looming. Simon and I weren't expecting what we thought. We have never seen rain like it!!! We were soaked in seconds and had to take shelter with other people in the Runaway train. In saying that it was the most spectacular thunderstorm and lightening I have ever witnessed!

Here's our memories from Disney.

Epcot - We only spent the late afternoon and evening in Epcot. We went on one ride called Test Track where you design your own computerised car and the test it on a track. It was really good! The one thing I loved about Epcot was the world showcase. You get to walk around a huge circle where different countries showcase their food, entertainment and shopping. I thought it was wonderful. They had Asia, Morocco, France and of course the UK. It was neat to walk around. We then watched the 'Illuminations' firework display which was really good. It has a circle of life theme to it and it was set on the water too. Very cleverly done!

Magic Kingdom - And it was just that! Magical. We had the castle, Disney princesses and other characters roaming around and some great rides/attractions. We really enjoyed Splash mountain, Space mountain and The Little Mermaid ride. Our least favourite was the Toy Story one - it was lame to me and you can tell by my face from the pictures I was bored haha! Also, it's a small world has the most irritating songs but it's one of those rides you have to go on. We had an awesome lunch in the Beauty and the Beast restaurant called 'Be our guest' - the whole set up was really good. Who gets to have lunch in a ballroom under chandeliers?! We returned a couple of nights later for the 'Wishes' castle fireworks display. It was out of this world and really caught the magic of Disney! The way the castle was lit up, the different characters they showed, they had quotes from Walt Disney himself. I just fell in love with Disney all over again that night!

Blizzard Beach - There are two main water parks at Disney and we could not choose between Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon. We chose Blizzard Beach because it had a more beachy atmosphere and it was the one we heard more about. We were going to do one in the morning and the other in the afternoon but it was too much effort for us! We went on a couple of the water rides and we really enjoyed the lazy river where you take a rubber ring and the water moves you slowly around. It was nice to have a little bit more of a chilled out day where we didn't have to queue for rides or work out what attraction we wanted to go on next.

Animal Kingdom - It's funny as Animal Kingdom was the park we were least fussed about and I have to say it was probably my favourite!!! I am so pleased we went! I just love how everything was green and lush. It almost felt like you were walking in a forest or jungle. There were animals dotted around and foliage in most places. Our favourite ride was Expedition Everest and we loved the Safari tour! We saw so many animals from Giraffes, Elephants, Hippos etc. We also absolutely loved the 'Celebration of the Lion King' show. It was so colourful, vibrant and put you in such a good mood!!! Plus it was fun to sing a long to all the songs.

Universal (Islands of Adventure) - This was our last day in Orlando and I think we chose the best park (in terms of the rides) until last. It had the best roller coasters - the hulk ride stands out to me. The best water rides - we got soaked on the Popeye rapids! Jurassic Park land was very well themed too. Our favourite part was Harry Potter land. I was completely blown away by how real it was! Hogwarts castle was awesome and the ride inside was by far one of the best! We really enjoyed the roller-coasters too. We had lunch in the three broomsticks and we bought sweets in Honeydukes. We also tried frozen butterbeer - eugh! It was so sickly and we didn't mange to finish it. But at least we can say we tried butterbeer. We just loved every minute of it there!

Also, I have to mention a huge thank you to some of Simon's friends. Simon studied in Atlanta, GA and became friendly with Kirk. They have stayed in touch ever since and Kirk and his girlfriend made the 7 hour journey to come see us. We had a really nice meal and it was so great to finally meet them both. 

We really appreciated your efforts Kirk and Lauren!

I can totally see why people fall in love with Disneyworld. It has never appealed as a holiday to me but now I completely understand why people repeatedly go back. It's packed full of fun, magic, adventure and you make so many memories! It doesn't matter if you're young or an adult - you will just have the most incredible time. If we go again next time it would probably be with kids and I would like to do Bush Gardens, Discovery Cove and Typhoon Lagoon. Just to think it was all started by a mouse?!

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Life in a Small Town said...

Typhoon Lagoon is a BLAST! Did you go on the Pirates of the Caribbean?

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