Monday, 17 June 2013

Simon and I - Week 7

Week 7 this week and it's time to talk about our spoken words. I am taking part in Callie's 'Derek and me' series which you can check out here.

Week 7 - What would you love to hear your spouse to say to you? What would your spouse love to hear you say to them?

This is tough, not because I don't want to upset Simon but because there isn't really a big thing I would want Simon to say to me. The only thing that comes to mind is I would like Simon to say 'I'll take care of it'. I do a lot more of the planning and sorting out of things like birthday presents, sending cards, remembering dates, buying food for us to cook with, posting things off etc. It would be nice for him to say 'you know what Becs? Let me take care of that for you' and have a break from it. In the future I would like a proposal said to me and he knows thats, just not yet.

As for Simon? I bet he would love for me to say it's my turn to drive and saying 'I do' at the alter! I guess we have a lot of jokey things between us. I think Simon would like me to say 'Thank you' more. It isn't that I am not appreciative for what he does but I don't really say thank you for the small things like him cleaning up, doing the washing, taking the recycling outside for me. He is really good at taking care to the smaller details which I could say thank you for more often.

We always say I love you to each other, every day. 
Photo taken February 2013.

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Janet said...

I'm sure you'll soon be sharing those special moments, but for now, remember not to take each other for granted and "I love you"everyday is awsome!

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