Thursday, 6 June 2013

Simon and I - Week 5

Nearly halfway through my 'Simon and I' series (based on a list of questions from Callie's blog). It is certainly fun and nostalgic to reflect on our relationship over the last 17 months!

Week 5 - What is your favourite memory with your spouse.

Oh my this is so hard that I simply can't whittle down to just the one memory. I can't choose between these two, they're two memories I'll keep with me for a very very long time.

#1 Cornwall
Our first trip away together will always hold a special place in my heart. We went to Cornwall for a long weekend away in the south west of England. It was the first time we had spent multiple days together and I loved every second. It was nice to be together properly without worrying what shift I was on or which golf club he had to be working at. I'll never forget on our last night he took me out for a lovely meal. It was pouring with rain and we had to run through the biggest puddles to get to the restaurant in Padstow. When we got back to the car afterwards he gave me the most beautiful necklace as a present. I love wearing it.

#2 Coming back from Australia.
During our relationship Simon has had to take me to the airport 3 times where I went on trips away without him. They were to Barcelona, California and more recently Australia. Australia was really tough because I was away for 3 weeks in a time zone where when I was awake, he was asleep! We communicated through a couple of texts a day but it was not easy. As much fun as I had down under, I missed my boyfriend! I will never ever forget walking through arrivals on my return home and seeing his face light up. I ran up to him so fast and his face had relief written all over it, due to the fact I was home. The first words he said were "I have my best friend back" and I will never forget them.


Callie Nicole said...

Oh, this is so sweet! Beautiful necklace too, good job Simon. :-)

Janet said...

What lovely memories!

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