Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Florida here we come!

We booked our trip to Florida on April 29th last year (my nephew's birthday, I knew it would be a good day that day!) At the time it seemed like ages away and I cannot believe that 14 months later we are finally going!

This is my last BIG holiday for a while. I have enjoyed some amazing trips like NYC, California and Australia over the past 2 years. Florida seems like an awesome way to end that string of holidays before I start venturing into more adult things like house buying/decorating and mortgages. I still have big holidays planned in my heart but they will be shelved for a bit.

We have so many exciting things planned for our trip away that I still can't believe we will pack it all in. I want to share our plans with you all so you can keeps tabs of where we are, what we're up to and when.

June 5th to June 12th - We will be in Orlando, Florida. We have passes to both Disneyworld and Universal. Even though we know we won't be able to cover all the parks and their rides in the time we have, it will be a fun taster and hopefully will make us want to return again!

June 12th - We leave early in Orlando and head east to the Kennedy Space Centre (KSC). Simon loves anything to do with space so we feel that we must see it! We have heard mixed reviews but we managed to get a really good deal for the day we are going. Plus, it's on our way to our next stop so it seems logical to stop off at the KSC! We then take a 4 hour car journey down south along the east coast. I'd like to stop off at a couple of beaches along the way - anyone recommend any? I have heard Fort Lauderdale is good so we may stop off for dinner there to re-charge our batteries. It's going to be a long day of driving for Simon.

June 12th - June 15th - MIAMI! We will be getting here quite late following our drive so we don't plan to do anything until the following day. We plan just to relax on South Beach during the day and do some fun things at night. Simon really enjoyed Baseball when he was studying in Atlanta so we would like to watch a Baseball match when we are here. The Miami Marlins will be playing during our stay so hopefully we will see them.

June 15th - We plan to spend time in Miami until mid morning and then leave to visit the Everglades on our way to our final stop. I have heard about the Everglades, but I looked after an American in March and he said that you can't not visit FL without going to the Everglades. We looked up things to do and we decided we'll visit an Alligator park and do an airboat tour of the national park. We'll spend the afternoon here.

June 15th - June 19th - In the evening we hope to reach our final stop of Key Largo in the Florida Keys! This will be the relaxing part of our trip where we plan to do very little than lay by the beach and pool. We will visit other islands in the Keys and we may go to the Dolphin research centre they have there. But it really depends on our funds and how we feel. We want this to be the part of our trip where we have no real plan and just relax. On our last day we return back to Miami airport and take an overnight flight back to the UK.

See you in 2 weeks everyone, I have a lot of memories to make.


Callie Nicole said...

How fun, I hope you have a great time!

Janet said...

I hope you're having a wonderful time ... in the midst of your holiday as I write this xxx

Janet said...

I hope you're having a wonderful time ... in the midst of your holiday as I write this xxx

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