Saturday, 1 June 2013

A must read.

Last night I came in from work so tired from a 14 hour shift. I tried to sleep but my brain was so wired so I flicked on the laptop to peruse the sites I like to check out. I never check out blogger when I am tired because I don't focus on the blog posts properly. But for some reason I just thought I really needed to go on it. I almost had this feeling I was going to really miss out on something if I didn't - strange right?

One of my friend's Laura Anne does a series every week called 'Quote of the Week' - it is one of my favourite things she has ever done on her blog. I love the posts she does and the quotes are some I have never heard before.

This week was my favourite and I urge you to have a read. It made me realise my convictions, how I view certain people and most importantly made me think, really think about how my opinions can affect others.

If there is one thing you do this weekend is check out this post by clicking here. It's made me think about doing a post about how I find religion, especially Christianity, really confusing. Trust me - it's a must read. She was really nervous about posting it due to how honest it is. She had absolutely nothing to be nervous about.

Great job, friend!


Laura Anne said...

So no pressure for next week's post then! ;)

Tee hee!

Seriously though, thank you for your encouragement. Didn't help it went live while I'm working away from home all weekend so worried more about it!

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