Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Peg

This was the only simple title I could think of for this post. Don't worry this won't be a philosophical bit of writing about a peg hook. It is about a peg hook though.

Anyway more to the point?

Last Saturday I was having a big clean up of my room. I changed my winter clothes to my summer clothes. Got rid of a lot of junk I don't need and clothes other people can benefit from wearing/recycling. When I thought I had cleaned everything, one space looked really cluttered.

Behind my door. I hang anything and everything behind my door. It's an 'out of the way where I can't see it place' but as a result my door does not open all the way as it is so cluttered.

So I carried on tackling the mess and it was so weird finding some of the stuff I stashed away there. My prom clutch bag from 8 years ago, a skipping rope, my masquerade mask from a ball I went to when I was 18 and some zumba CD's I had stashed away in there. And then I saw this when the door was finally bare.

It's a peg I made when I was 13 in technology class. I remember I tried to make it have an oak effect by drawing/colouring on wood? Somehow that didn't work, as you can see no creative bone in my body. But it's amazing how little things bring back SO many memories? I remember being so happy that I had made something from scratch like this and how insistent I was to scrawl my name on the metal. I also remember badgering my Dad every weekend for months to screw it on my door so I could use it. Then over the years it got forgotten about.

It's not the best peg but I have decided that this will be on the back of my bedroom door in the future house I have with Simon. I love finding little keepsakes like these.

Do you have any?

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