Thursday, 16 May 2013

Specs Becs?

For the last couple of months my migraines have been really bad. I take medication for them, and admittedly had been quite poor at remembering to take them. However, I got back on the bandwagon of taking them which helped but still found the recurrence of my migraines were a lot. I was probably getting 1-2 a week instead of 1-2 a month. I was miserable.

My Mum suggested I went and got my eyes tested again and in the post I was offered a free eye test at Specsavers. Think that was a huge hint to get my eyes tested yes?

I went last month and I'll admit I went in quite cocky. I have always felt that my eye sight is fine. Most of my family wear glasses or contacts but I had always considered myself lucky not to to require them. During the test my right sided vision was good and even the optometrist said it was almost too good. Almost like it was compensating...this didn't spell out good news.

I then had my left eye tested and I struggled big time! I could barely read any of the letters on the letter board and when she gave me a book to read I was squinting so hard. No surprise my migraines are always on my left side since my eye sight is so bad out of it.

Safe to say I need glasses. I wear them just for work at the moment and even though in the beginning I wasn't really a glasses fan. I am starting to rather like them now.

Do you like my specs?

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