Monday, 20 May 2013

Simon and I - Week 3

This is week three where I follow on from my blog friend Callie's relationship series. I hope you are finding them interesting and if you want to take part then do!

Week 3 - One area I could improve upon in our relationship.

Last week I mentioned that I get very stressed and wound up easily. I have the typical type A personality where I like things in order, organised and sorted. I hate leaving things to the last minute, whereas in some things Simon could! He is a lot more laid back and more placid than I am. I could definitely improve in cutting Simon some slack and being a little more like him.

On many occasions Simon gets in from a long day at work and within minutes I am talking about what we have to do and get done. I have to realise he needs time to chill out and de-stress. It isn't fair on him and plus I think it would be good for me to not get so het up and be more like him. The other day Simon got his car insurance renewal notice. We started to tackle on finding him a cheaper car insurance that evening. We found one and in order to get it off the to do list he should have just booked it there and then. But he decided to wait until later on. I felt myself getting a little annoyed because in my world it would have been easier to get it over with right? But I decided that time I wouldn't because I trust he will get it done and there are more important things in life than ticking boxes off your list.

I need to be less stressed and more laid back, like Simon, at times.

The day after the Queen's jubilee. June 2012.

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