Monday, 13 May 2013

Simon and I - Week 2

This is the second post in my 'Simon and I' series where I focus on our relationship. I am following on from my blog friend Callie's series. Check her's out too!

Week 2 - Two things I love about my relationship with my spouse.

#1 Our date nights.
Every month Simon and I set time away to have a date night or a day date. I have a job that involves shift work and working weekends so Simon and I have to plan our time together around my roster. Sometimes we only get to see each other for an hour a day or some days not at all. So we both feel it's important to set apart a set day or evening where we just spend time with each other. The other week we went to the theatre, we go for a meal, to the cinema or just out for a walk. It's so important that we spend time as just us and I always look forward to them! Tomorrow we're going to the Harry Potter filming set/tour. Cannot wait.

#2 We don't agree on everything.
I really do love that our relationship is built on disagreement as well as agreeing with each other. Otherwise we both feel our conversations would be dull! I love that in our relationship Simon and I have difference of opinion and debate. We have totally different tastes in music, TV programmes, our careers and books. We are also different in our personalities. I am the typical type A planner and like to get things done. Whereas Simon is a lot more laid back and doesn't get as stressed as I do. This can lead to a few disagreements but I think we balance each other out which I really like.

Us on a bike ride on one of our day dates. April 2012.

See you next week for week 3!

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Ashley said...

Love this picture of you two! So cute! :)

<3 Ash

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