Monday, 6 May 2013

Simon and I - Week 1

One of my lovely blog friends Callie has been doing a series called 'Derek & Me' where she answers a question every week about her husband. She found the questions on a letter she read through another blog she reads. I think it's really neat and she has kindly said I can join her on the bandwagon! This can be on any relationship that's important to you in your life so your spouse, parents, sibling or best friend etc.

I've been with Simon for (what I feel) quite a while now and I want to use these posts as a way of focusing more on our relationship. As I've mentioned before it's easy to let things slip in any relationship and I also want Simon to feel encouraged by my answers too!

So over the next 12 weeks I am going to dedicate a day to reflect on us.

Week 1. Three things I love about my spouse.

#1. He is always there no matter what.
If there's one thing I have total faith in our relationship is that Simon is always there for me and vice versa. No matter what squabbles and difference of opinions we have. I know at the end of the day we're in this relationship together. I trust that he will never leave and I have total faith that whatever trials and tribulations we go through- he'll be there throughout it all. We're there for each other in the good and the bad times and believe me so far we have gone through so much!

#2. He admires the little things.
Simon invests time in the little things. He doesn't believe you have to go big with surprises or go over the top to make people happy. He does the washing up for my Mum, he'll take my car to the car wash for me, we always kiss each other goodbye, we always hold hands, he phones me everyday when he leaves work and he'll always offer to drive. It's the little things I cherish and pick up on way more than the big stuff. I love him so much for that.

#3. He's always your biggest fan.
This is so true! I think I could dub Simon as Mr.Motivator! He is so encouraging and will never let anyone put another person down. He embraces people's talents and tells them what they're good at. There have been many times where I have been quite negative (particularly with cooking and my running) and he won't stand for it because everyone can achieve at something. He is always so interested in what people have to say, way more than me! He is my biggest supporter and I am his.

Our first photo together. February 2012.

Tune in for next week!


Callie said...
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Callie Nicole said...

I love that you're answering these questions too! SImon sounds like such a great guy for you Becca, and it's wonderful that he's an encourager!

Sorry, that last comment was me, I was signed into the wrong account!

Joyce said...

This was very's so nice to have someone who encourages you in your dreams.

Ashley said...

Love this idea. I might have to do something like this too. :) Simon seems like a wonderful guy - glad to hear he has such great qualities in a person.

<3 Ash

Hey Monkey Butt said...

Awe what a neat idea :)

Harish Yes said...

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