Thursday, 2 May 2013

Online friendships

One of the best things about blogging is 'getting to know' you out there reading this. I follow many blogs and with quite a few I struck up deeper friendships through facebook, twitter and in some cases met them!

The other day during my break at work I overheard a conversation between two women who were discussing online friendships. They both came to the agreement that online friendships aren't deep and are not at all meaningful.

I have to say I totally disagree!

Since I started blogging 6 years ago I have got to know many bloggers who now I call my friends. With most of them I have seen them go through highs/lows and vice versa with me. I can even say they are a support system I rely on at times. Even if I do communicate with them mainly online.

Isn't that the beauty of social media?! As long as it is not abused some great friendships can be formed for life.

I met Sam through blogging. She was my first blog friend I met in real life. We both went to a Taylor Swift concert and met up afterwards. She's now one of the funniest people I know (even if she doesn't agree with me).

I met Laura Anne in June 2011, when I went to Edinburgh for a visit and she could not have been more welcoming to someone she had not met in person before! She took me on a tour of Edinburgh and treated me to their dippin sauce (did I get that right?). Since then I have met up with her a couple of times.

That same year I met Laura Anne again with Ruth (who I met through blogging) and Mike (who I met through twitter). We went to the theatre and met Alf from Home and Away! It was such a fun night.

Then last March I met April in Vegas when I finished my travels in California. She took me round all of Vegas and we had pudding in the Cheesecake Factory. I met her through her blog in 2008 and I just love her (and her accent!)

I know it's impossible to meet all my blog friends but I communicate with many offline now too. I send Christmas cards to them and birthdays (when I remember). If they're going through a hard time then I will send them an email/text. I try to be there for them just like I would with my friends who live locally.

So, may I meet many more of you because I am so pleased to call these people my friends - who mean a great deal to me! You can tell that conversation between those ladies annoyed me a little.

Would you consider people you have met through blogging as your friends too?!

5 comments: said...


I also consider it an honour to be the only online friend that features twice in this post! :) tee hee.

I have so many online friends that I care for deeply and sometimes share more of me than I do with in-person friends. Ruth was an online friend before we met in person at our church. Then there's you, Sinead, The Gill family, The Payne family, Paula from Australia... and others I've not had the chance to meet in person yet! said...

PS It's chippie sauce - unique to Edinburgh - I don't know what you call getting bag of fish and chips in England, but in Edinburgh it's called 'getting a chippie' and the place you get it is the 'Chippie'. In Aberdeen it's the 'chipper', but they (like the rest of the UK) have salt & vinegar on their chips!

Hey Monkey Butt said...

I've yet to meet any of my online/blogger friends. I hope to one day though! There are so many of them out there that I love so dearly, this includes you :) If you're ever in GA, we must plan a lunch!!

Callie Nicole said...

I totally agree with you, Rebecca, I feel like alot of my online friendships are closer than some of my real-life friendships! I've met so many great friends through blogging, including you. :-)

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