Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Why I love being a nurse in honour of International Nurses Week.

This week is the annual international nurses week. A week to celebrate all things nursing and my employers are treating all nurses and healthcare assistants to a massage on Friday. How awesome is that?! I cannot wait.

However, that is a very minuscule perk in light all the amazing perks to nursing. I love my job. I love how it makes me feel. I love that I can do it for as long as I am allowed to live. I am beyond privileged and in celebration in honouring nursing and nurses, I wanted to share ten things I love about being a nurse.

I love being a nurse because________

1) I get to meet so many different people. I come on shift everyday not knowing who I will be caring for on the other side of the door. I get to meet funny people, worried people, enthusiastic people and also the pessimistic people too. It's so diverse and I love that.

2) I never know what's going to happen. I love that I go on shift thinking one thing and the shift goes into a totally different gear. I can have a patient that deteriorates, a patient who gets bad news or a patient who has a reaction to a medication. You have to be so on the ball.

3) There's never a dull moment. Everyday is different in it's own way. You have routine but it's hard to stick to with so many patients requiring different levels of care.

4) It's life long learning. I can honestly say I learn something new everyday whether it's to do with a patients lifestyle, the patho-physiology, a medication side effect, a new technique to a dressing, a consultants protocol. I know I will never get bored! There's always something to learn from or about.

5) The different professionals I work with. Everyday I work with a brilliant team of nurses and team assistants. But I also work with consultants, doctors, OT's, physiotherapists, SALT, community care teams and so many more. Without these teams a nurse's job would be impossible!

6) I appreciate the importance of living. As much as my job is about caring for surgical patients and getting them home safely post operatively. Some of my patients aren't lucky like that and I do deal with death at times. When a patient of mine passes away, receives bad news or has a operation that's totally unexpected. Then I do take a step back and appreciate how blessed I am to be healthy right now and to realise, although we expect the unexpected, to still appreciate living for now.

7) Nursing is a privilege. We have to deal with intimate areas, hear hard life stories and for a patient to let me into their realm and care for them is an honour.

8) It teaches me to be more accepting. Nurses still have opinion and it can be hard for it not to affect how you nurse. For example, I once had to look after a murderer (on prison guard) in hospital. I won't lie it was tough. I was trying to care for a man who did not care for someone else's life by killing them at some point. You have to build a barrier at times but it does make you more accepting of the diverse range of patients you care for, regardless of opinion.

9) For the amazing nurses education we have in the UK and worldwide. I loved my nurses training as a student and I love the training opportunities I have now to expand my learning. I am so grateful.

10) It's for life. Despite any hard day on shift. Despite any day where I work with people who may irritate me. Despite any shift where I feel rushed and pressured. I go home and still look forward to my next day of work. I refuse to be a person who does not appreciate what they do for a living.

This careers rocks and I am one of many nurses who hopefully feels the same way. I'll never forget on my first day of work as a qualified RGN a little 90 year old lady told me this, "I just want you to know, that everyday you touch a life. A life with touch yours."

So true.

Happy Nurses week everyone!


Steph{anie} said...

I share many of the same thoughts about nursing. We are so lucky to be nurses; while it is one of the hardest jobs out there, it's soooo rewarding.

You're a fabulous nurse :)

Stacie said...

I feel the same way 14 years later...

Harish Yes said...

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