Monday, 15 April 2013

Summer I'm coming to get you!

This weekend it reached 19 degrees where I lived. I know some places have it hotter and many places have it much colder but I was in my element. The sun was out properly for the first time this year. People were smiling when you looked at them in the street. The ice cream man was outside!!!

I detest winter, cold and dampness. It's depressing and puts me in a slump. I don't mind it the first couple of weeks once the clocks go back as I find the early evenings a little cosy. But by November I am fed up and longing for summer, lighter evenings and BBQ's back.

I have so much to look forward to this summer, despite whether or not the weather wants to co-operate.

Firstly this little guy turns one in 2 weeks!!! Don't get me started at my disbelief that he has reached his first birthday already. I bought Cohen a paddling pool and I sure hope the sun peeks out for him to enjoy it. He loves playing with water and being outside. He enjoyed his first bike ride yesterday with Daddy!

Next month I will be having my first BBQ of the summer. BBQ's to me mean summer. I have nothing but fun memories of having BBQ's every Sunday in the summer time when I was little. Simon and I have invited some friends over to share in it - so sunshine you listening?

In June we are finally off to Florida (52 days to be exact!) which is known as the sunshine state! So I sure hope it lives up to it's nickname. We're so excited to get away and enjoy ourselves at Disneyworld, Miami and the Florida Keys. Also, at the end of June I have arranged a ward day out to my local theme park with my colleagues. It'll be fun to let our hair down and enjoy ourselves as work has been so stressful lately. 

In July Simon goes away on a stag do and I am hoping to have a girly weekend away with my friend Lotte. We're thinking Paris or maybe afternoon tea and a show in London. Can't decide! It's also a crazy busy month for birthdays too.

August is a hectic one too but I really want the sun to shine for two very special reasons. On August 11th it is my sister's hen do. For the sake of keeping Nicola completely out of the know I am not going to share our plans but her best friend Carly has done so well and I am excited to dress up (hint there!) We're then heading to Dublin, Ireland, on the bank holiday weekend to attend one of Simon's best friends wedding. He is one of the groomsmen. We're really looking forward to seeing a new city and witnessing our friends getting married. 

I've never been to Ireland before and I hope it's the luck of the Irish in making it a beautiful summers day for Jaimie and Nathan!

In September it is Simon's birthday which I am sure I'll arrange a surprise for but then in October it will be the icing on the cake attending my sisters wedding in Cyprus. I'll be one of her bridesmaids and plus it'll also be another holiday and place I have never visited before. 

May this be the summer of summers!

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