Monday, 18 March 2013

Run Becca Run!

Last month I posted about how Simon and I are taking part in a 10k run for The British Heart Foundation this coming October.

I do not have a running or fitness bone in my body. But 10k is not something I will be able to achieve without training. I attempted the gym for about year until I got bored of going. I tried Zumba classes for a couple of months until they started changing their poky schedule so it didn't coincide with my shift pattern. I did spin classes for a short time too but soon decided that doing spin class on a Friday night was a no go.

You see these are excuses. I start something and then after a very short while I give up and try something new. I wish I could just stick with it!!!

Signing up for this 10k is something that I have to stick with. People will be sponsoring us and benefiting from the money, family will be coming down on the day and I want to be able to give something back to charity through something I have worked hard over. I can't give up!

10k is roughly about 60 to 75 mins of running depending on your speed and the distance covered. One of my old colleagues took part in the NHS Couch to 5k and now she is doing a half marathon this summer!!! I knew I had to get on this bandwagon. 

Couch to 5k is a series of FREE pod casts you can download from the NHS website. You are guided by a girl called Laura. She's really nice and she basically tells you when to run and when to walk. It's that simple. All she asks is that you find three 30 minute slots of your time each week to complete a run. It starts off really easy and then gradually as each week passes (in total it's a 10 week programme) the runs increase in length and recovery breaks are shorter. It's almost like having your own personal trainer without the cost!

Download the Couch to 5K podcasts

Before I signed up to the 10k I had started this plan three times. I started last November but then went to Australia so that ended on week one. I then restarted the running plan again last December but then Christmas got in the way/seeing family etc. So what did I do? I gave up! I decided to make it a new years resolution (I actually laughed as I typed that as they never work). So in mid January I started it for a third time but then the snow came and there was noway I was running in snow/ice. So you can guess what happened? I stopped it.

I really started to beat myself up about it because I only had myself to blame. Last year I gained nearly a stone in weight (I refer to it as happy boyfriend weight) but I really want to lose it again. So signing up to the 10k is not just about raising money for charity for me. It's also trying to make me feel fitter and less tired all the time.

So just before my birthday I started again and I REFUSED to give up this time. I am a morning runner. I like going out when it's fresh, the kids are in school, people out at work and I can run around the lake to myself. I make sure I run at least once at the weekend and ensure I do at least 2 late shifts during the week at work. So that means I run three times a week.

I am now on week 6. I can run for 20 minutes without stopping and I am so proud of myself. I have four weeks left of the plan until I should be fit enough to run a full 5k. Afterwards I will then add another minute to each of my runs to get me to 10k standard.

Download the strength and flexibility podcasts

The funny thing is I actually look forward to my runs now. I feel so much better getting out in the fresh air, and even though at the time of running I find it a little tough at times, I feel so amazed that I CAN actually do it. At the beginning I felt quite self-concious of running and what other people thought of me when they drove by. After a while you forget that and I think that's why I like morning running because less people are about too!

I've realised that it's not that my body can't run. It was me telling myself I couldn't. Hopefully in 4 weeks I will be telling you guys I can run for a full 30 minutes! If you want to take part I urge you to do it because if I can you certainly will. For more information on the running plan click here.


Brittney Galloway said...

That is so great! Keep at it! You are going to be able to runner farther and longer each week you stick to it!

Janet said...

Well done Girl! I'm proud of you!

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