Monday, 18 February 2013

Turning 24

As I was typing that blog title I wrote 'Turning 21' twice. The ironic thing is I never want to go back to being 21 again. However, in better late than never news I have turned 24. In fact, I celebrated it 10 days ago but only just got round to blogging about my birthday.

I really enjoyed my birthday. Simon planned it so I could cross some things off my 101 bucket list. The only downside was in the lead up to my birthday I did 10 straight shifts in a row and finished on a killer 14 hour long shift. It was safe to say that on the morning of my birthday I was so SO tired. All I wanted to do was sleep! But I had the week after my birthday off so I had to keep reminding myself I had other days to sleep on.

I got some beautiful new brown boots from my parents, some vouchers, Glee season 3 (can see what I spent my week off watching?), jewellery and some bottom drawer bits for our future house! Simon really spoilt me though and surprised me with indoor rock climbing! I have always wanted to try it but I will admit I was a little scared. I knew it required a lot of energy (which I didn't have) and that made me nervous. But, as it goes with anything, I had nothing to be scared about. Our instructor was really friendly and I amazed myself at being able to get to the top of all 6 walls I tried. The more walls you climbed, the harder they got, and even when I felt like saying 'I give up'' I refused to! It does require a lot of strength but it is mainly a mental thing. Simon and I even saw much older people in their 60's doing it! So it's for everyone.

Once we finished rock climbing we went home to rest. I can't even tell you how sensitive my muscles were afterwards, especially my fingers! You hardly use for fingers for strenuous activity but in rock climbing they are kind of your lifeline to grab hold of each rock as you climb. We then grabbed a Starbucks, had an early meal in my favourite Chinese restaurant and then headed up to London.

Where we saw this.

Viva Forever

When I grew I up I LOVED the Spice Girls. In fact I pretty much idolised them and I clearly remember crying when Geri left the band (How could she? I'm still bitter). Jennifer Saunders (a great British comedienne and writer) wrote the script and it's produced by Judy Craymer. I remember when I found out that a musical was being based on the Spice Girls music and I just knew I HAD to see it! Okay, the storyline isn't brilliant and I have seen better musical productions on stage. However, it must be tough to think of a storyline and then write a story where you have to use songs pre-done instead of writing songs to fit the story. I give a lot of credit to the finished product and it took me right back to my childhood of dancing to 'Stop' in front of my mirror, and singing (more like shouting) 'Wannabe' in the school playground! I would love to see it again purely for the musical aspect.

The following night Simon took me away for a night to a gorgeous hotel where he surprised me with a full body massage at the hotel spa. I have never had a massage/spa treatment before and it was so relaxing. I think I need to do it a little more often than never. 

Thank you Simon for making it such a special weekend.

Also, last weekend my sister, Nicola, turned 30. She really liked the photo album. In fact her words were 'it's ace' and it went round the party-goers a treat. It took me a whole day to complete so it was worth it when people said I did a good job and best of all the birthday girl really liked it. Here's a couple of pictures from her party. 

Here's to me being 25 next year then?


Ashley said...

Happy belated birthday! I was actually thinking about my birthdays the other day, and I realized that I actually enjoy getting older. I'm sure not too many people say that, or maybe I'm just at a good age, but I honestly feel blessed when I turn another year older. I feel like I still have so many more adventures to look forward to. So congrats on being 24, and I think you're going to enjoy turning 25 as well :) And I'm glad to hear that Simon spoiled you. That's what gentlemen should do for their loved ones.

<3 Ash

Brittney Galloway said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had a good celebration week!

And I love rock climbing! We had a rock climbing gym near our house when I was in high school and college and I just loved it. It is a great work out but also fun for friends to do together since you have to rest in between!

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