Friday, 1 February 2013

Those were the days...

This morning I read this article on The Daily Mail here. There's barely any words, just pictures. Yet, what it depicts is a sad truth.

It shows kids in the early 20th century with their shoes off, playing in the fields, apple bobbing, dirty clothes and climbing fences.

Now in the 21st century does that happen?!

I count myself really lucky that I grew up (90's kid at heart) being able to do some of that. Okay, I never did apple bobbing or climbed fences. But I did play outside with my shoes off and climbed trees. My Mum moaned all the time at how I could get so filthy within an hour of being in fresh clean clothes from playing outside. I rode my bike, liked having my face painted or painting others and I skated in my roller-blades down the road. I had friends I played outside with every weekend and if it rained we brought the games inside. 

I never went on a computer, played a computer game, we were only allowed to watch TV after school but before dinner or sat around being lazy. But sadly, isn't that the culture these days? I remember when I was younger and even in my teens I would wake up to kids playing outside. No lie, you would always see someone in my street outside playing or doing something. Now those kids and I grew up but there are new younger kids down my road. But all I ever see now are just more cars spilling out of driveways.

Simply because they're probably playing their Nintendo DS, XBox or watching limitless Sky TV. I know that is a huge assumption but I think it's a fair one. Sadly, that to me is such a sad culture to be in at present. 

Fair enough, I type this blog on a computer that I own but I didn't have a family computer until I was 15. I didn't have a mobile phone until I was 14 and I could only have a television in my room if I bought it (which I did with a years worth of pocket and birthday money at 16!)

This was because my parents wanted us to be kids. My Mum always says that she wanted us to have that innocence of just having fun, leaving things to our own imagination and making up our own entertainment. She said she wished she got the computer a bit later on (we had no choice all my school work had to be PC based), because as soon as we got that that's when we got a bit lazy!

No lie, the other day I saw a Mum buying an i-phone for her 8 year old daughter. What 8 year old needs a mobile phone?!?! Also, Simon said the other day he saw kids watching DVDs on small DVD players strapped to the back of the driver/passenger seats in cars to keep them entertained, (or silenced is a better word?) What ever happened to playing car games? or having a chat? I really do love it when I see kids out riding their bike with their parents at weekends or seeing kids play football on a field. It takes me right back to my childhood!

I have to say with the kind of gang culture that exists, seeing stories of kids being abducted, teenagers stabbed/shot. I totally see why parents are more concerned and less keen for their kids to have more freedom. But does buying them a console game really make it any better? 

Did any of you have childhoods like mine? Do you think it's a shame that it's dwindling? Do you think all this new technology is to blame for kids being inside more and less active outside?


Kristen said...

When I grew up I spent more time outside than inside. My Mom hated us lounging of sofas. She would take us into our garage and play with toys to take outside.

I have two kids and with all the shootings and abductions you hear about it does make me scared. But I refuse to smother my kids with protection by keeping them indoors. Luckily I find my neighbourhood safe so my kids are always out playing.

My oldest is 9 and wants a cell phone but I will not get her one until she becomes more independent. She also asked if she could have facebook account yesterday!!

I totally agree on this post with you Rebecca. The definition of childhood is tainted and most certainly influenced by technology and media!

Callie Nicole said...

My childhood was alot like that too, Rebecca! I have so many good memories of playing outside in our mountains with my brother and sister. There is definitely a trade off and things lost with so much advancement in technology - I'm hoping to encourage my kids to get outside and have a good "old fashioned" childhood too.

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