Monday, 4 February 2013

A Question

I have been wanting to ask the readers of this blog for a while.

Is there anything you want me to blog more about? What do you enjoy most on my blog that I write about?

I ask because it would really help for me know. I know I should blog about what I want to blog. But I have gone through my previous posts and the ones with highest amount of page views are my travel posts. But I am not travelling for a while so won't be blogging about that.

I'm just interested. Work, advice, family, relationships, social media, nursing, anything? Please answer in the comments blog or tweet me @RebeccaLouiseUK


Hey Monkey Butt said...

I'm doing good to just get online lately... Ugh being so busy with life and work and all. Just keep blogging girl! :)

Ashley said...

LOL, I've thought about this the other day. I am even debating about deleting some of my previous posts (mostly though because I don't want to upload my pics again). I think though, you should def. blog about how you feel and what's important to you (things that impact your life, your family, friends and relationship). :) It's all about you. You write about what you what you want, we'll just follow you along the way :)

<3 Ash

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