Tuesday, 12 February 2013


For anyone who knows me really well - I don't do spontaneous. I like things thought out, planned and structured. It may sound boring to some but when I act with spontaneity I feel waaaay out of my comfort zone!

For a while Simon has been saying he wants to do a half marathon in memory of his Granddad. They were both very close before he passed away. It's just life got in the way and it has always been an idea.

Well that idea turned into a spontaneous conversation last week when I turned to Simon and said 'Why don't we do a 10k run together?'

Am I crazy?! Yes!

We started researching some marathons and found a 10k run in Oxfordshire for this October! We booked our places, paid and then I felt out of control.

Literally within 10 minutes of me saying it, we had booked ourselves onto a run. One part of me is thinking 'why are you doing this?' and putting it to the back of my mind. I am worried I won't find time to train and fail miserably at it. Another part of me is really excited. I have never done something like this before and I do enjoy a challenge. Plus, it's something different Simon and I can do together - for a really good cause.

Simon's Grandpa died of a sudden heart attack. He was really fit, only in his fifties and may have survived if some of the procedures that exist for heart surgery today were available back in the early nineties. Still 20 years on he is missed so much and talked about with great fondness. I wish I had met him.

It seems only fitting that our charity run benefits the Great British Heart Foundation, who raise funds and pioneer new research into cardiac care, treatment and prevention. Nearer the run we will be kindly asking for donations but in the mean time - I think I need all the luck and encouragement in the world.

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Janet said...

Well done! You never know, the bug might bite you and the next thing you'll be addicted! Good Luck!

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