Monday, 21 January 2013

Being Creative!

If there is one thing I am not - is creative. I detested art and design at school. The idea of getting glue on my fingers grossed me out, hate the feel of dry paint and cutting up stuff is boring! 

For my future kids - I feel sorry for you already.

However, I do LOVE documenting pictures, my life and so forth. You may remember in 2010 I took part in project life where I took a photo for every day of the year. I loved it and I hope to one day may be do it again. I posted the other day that my older sister, Nicola, turns 30 next month. I wanted to do a photo album recording her 30 years.

And today I finally finished it. I am really pleased with how it turned out. I wanted to go a little more crazy but Nicola likes things simple and easy to the eye. (Don't worry Nicola does not know I blog, so she won't see any of these.)

I made each page a theme throughout her life. I found it really tough about where to start. I know starting at her birth seems logical but I didn't have as many pictures as I'd have liked. So I started with what I had pictures the most of. Sibling ones!

This was the hardest page! I had loads of pictures of Nicola as a little girl but not much of her as a teen. It was really hard to show the transition from teen to young adult!

My FAVOURITE page by far. Simply because I know becoming a Mum was the happiest moment of Nicola's life so far. It was really humbling to document and also it's the last page of the album...the rest is her future.

First page of the album.

I loved making this page as well as it shows when Nicola and Robbie first started dating back in 2000 to more recently. They've been together 13 years this year and this album really shows that!

I bought the album from Paperchase and the stickies are just red and white felt numbers/letters! The hardest part was getting the photos together in the first place as I had to get aunts, my Mum, Robbie and my Gran to rummage for some! There are other pages as well but these were my favourite.

I really hope she likes it when I give it to her next month!


Laura Anne said...

This is amazing. One thing I really wanted for my 21st birthday was an album like this! (8 years later I'm still waiting). You are such a caring, thoughtful sister.

I'm also not crafty, so completely feel your pain. It's why I do Guides and not Brownies or Rainbows!!

Janet said...

What a thoughtful gift! I am sure she will love it and treasure it always! You're one very special young lady - thank you so very much for your emails. You have no idea how much they have meant to me. You and Simon will HAVE to come and visit us in South Africa! xx

Ashley said...

That is very sweet :) She's so lucky to have a sister like you :)

<3 Ash

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