Thursday, 17 January 2013

101 Bucket List

Over the last couple of years I have seen people's blogs participating in a 101 (things you want to do/see/try/be better at). I have never done it because I don't have a 101 things!!! But then I read Holly's 101 the other day and was totally inspired. I have a travel list that is written out and stuck on my wall and I have a mini bucket list in my head.

So tonight after Simon left I put pen to paper and was so SURPRISED by what I really want to try my hand at. A lot of people do 101 in a year but I have decided to be a little more realistic and do it in two years (even though I know some definitely won't be accomplished in the next 2 years they still mean a lot being on the list)..

I'll confess there are some things on the list that I achieved last year and I am adding them in because they have always been on my mini bucket list. I am going to use Holly's template (hope you don't mind?) because it looked organised and I like organised (must be the teacher in her).

Start Date: 1st January 2013 (although some completed before)
End date: 31st December 2014

Things completed:

9. Graduate with a degree (Completed August 2010)
10. Become a link nurse in a specialist field (Completed Stoma Care Course March 2011)
15.  Go to the Olympics (Completed July 2012)
16. Fall in love (Met him December 2011)
19. Order a cheeseless Pizza! (Completed 24th December 2012)
28. Learn how to throw a boomerang (Completed November 2012)
39.  Climb something monumental (Climbed o2 arena/Millennium Dome September 2012)
58.  Go snorkelling (Completed November 2012)
60. Start a social movement on something that means a lot to you (Airmail Christmas 2012)
61. Go on a cruise (Completed November 2012)
62. Pursue my passion and turn it into a career (Do it every day)
81. Fly over the Grand Canyon (Completed March 2012)
82. Visit Australia – my dream country (Completed November 2012)
101. See Wicked/Matilda/Priscilla/Hairspray/Les Miserables & Sound of Music on stage (All completed within the last 5 years)
92. Get a hole in one (April 2012)
2.  Have a spa day (February 10th 2013)
1. Try Rock Climbing (February 8th 2013)

Things in progress/planned:

5. Save up for a mortgage (70% of the way there!)
11. Go to Disneyworld and Florida (June 2013)
14.  Be a bridesmaid (Nicola's bridesmaid October 2013)
18. Complete Couch to 5k (Halfway through week 2/9)
38. Pay off my car (Last monthly payment is January 2014)
41. Read 10 books (1/10)
44. Finish paying off Simon’s MacBook (Last payment September 2013)
45. Grow my hair longer than my shoulders (In progress)
69. Reach 150 blog followers (106/150)
87. Have a spray tan (Booked for 25th January)
89. Visit Ireland (Booked for August 2013)
93. Go to the Races (August 2013)


6. Own a house with 2 bedrooms
12. Meet at least two more blog friends in real life (0/2)
22. Make a family tree
30. Feel confident in a bikini
50. Name a star for someone I love
54. Be a matchmaker for one of my friends
71. Volunteer at a fundraiser
72. Go on a vaccination programme to a third world country
73. Perform a kind deed for at least 3 people without expecting anything else in return (0/3) 
75. Get engaged
79. Give blood regularly
88. See a birth
98. Become a Mum

Healthy Living/ Sport:

20) Lose 1 stone (14 pounds)
27) Try hand gliding
40) Participate in a 1/2 marathon for charity
53) Go on a tandem bike ride
55) Have ballroom dancing lessons
64) Go abseiling
76) Try Yoga
78) Floss my teeth at least twice a week for a month (I always forget!)
84) Help someone quit smoking
97) Go without eating chocolate for 1 month
98) Understand the game of Tennis

Travel & Culture:

3) Visit my sponsored child, Wilson, in Ecuador
7) Visit Barry Island - Wales
8) Go see Viva Forever in London west end
13) Go on Safari
29) Visit Niagara Falls
32) Go on a yacht in Cannes & St. Tropez
35) Lie on a beach in Bali
42) Go to New Zealand and Figi
48) Learn a new language
51) Go to a luau in Hawaii
59) Fly first class (or at least premium economy)
63) See the Northern lights
67) Be in another country when the clock strikes midnight at new year
70) Have a weekend away in Amsterdam
74) Holiday on a Caribbean island
83) Ride a Camel
90) Tour Anne Frank's house
100) Spend a weekend in a log cabin

Food & Drink:

34) Bake a loaf of bread
43) Taste Beef Wellington
53) Try Teppanyaki
66) Have dinner in a restaurant that overlooks an entire city

Social Media:

23) Open an instagram account and use it.
36) Give a speech
69) Reach a 150 blog followers

Professional Life:

21) Become a mentor for student nurses
37) Complete my ILS course
96) Do a degree to become a health visitor

Miscellaneous :

4) Own a Dyson vacuum cleaner
17) Make a piece of jewellery
25) Own a DSLR camera
31) Attend an awards show/premier
33) Sleep under the stars
46) Appear on a game show
47) Go in a hot air balloon
49) Experience a sunrise in all it's glory
56) Win ANYTHING on the lottery!
57) Go to a Strictly Come Dancing live show
65) Own a Cath Kidson umbrella
68) Sleep in a hammock
77) Change/update all the picture in my photo frames
80) Watch a film in an outdoor cinema
85) Go to the top of a light house
86) Stencil a quote on a wall/canvas
91) Get a PADI license
94) Send a message in a bottle 
95) Go inside Buckingham Palace

Let the ticking off begin!


Katie said...

I volunteer to be one of the blog friends you meet in real life! We will have to work on that! :)

Sheena said...

These are fun! I may be able to help out with the bread...I got this book for Christmas and just made my first bread yesterday. It was delicious!

Hey Monkey Butt said...

Oh wow, I can understand now why you've never committed to this one. It's overwhelming to say the least ;) I'm pulling for you girl!! You got this!! <3

Amanda said...

Yay, welcome to the 101 in 1,001 party train! :)

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