Friday, 30 November 2012

G'bye Australia.

This is just a quick post to say I made it home safely after an incredible 18 days Down Under. I will try and post over the next week or so about my travels. 

I have only had 3 hours sleep in 48 hours, to say I feel like a zombie right now is an understatement. Plus I have gone from 32 degree sunshine to 3 degree frost/cold. I have wanted to visit Australia for so long that I can't believe it's over. I really want to do my travel posts justice. In the mean time I will leave you with a snippet of one of my highlights.

Australia - you really shone in my eyes and I will never, ever forget the memories and experiences made in your beautiful country.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Airmail Christmas - Join the sleigh!

I know, strange right? I am blogging from all the way in Australia! But yes this is a planned post and for a good reason too. I wanted to give anyone else a chance to take part in Airmail Christmas. 

Would you like to take part in a Christmas card exchange with other bloggers and the twitterverse this year?

Thank you Sam for designing this for the Christmas card exchange!

Please read this post by clicking here. And if you want to spread Robin's message then please please take part.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has sent in their addresses already. We're so thrilled with the people who have hopped on board and been so generous. Be rest assured if you haven't received the address of who your're sending a card out to yet -  you will! Everyone will have someone by the beginning of December!

Last chance to enter is 28th November midnight GMT. Holly and Laura Anne will then match names and send you the address by the end of the month.

Make sure, if you can, to let twitter and your blogs know about this. The more the merrier!

Here's to wishing everyone a a 'Very Airmail Christmas' this year!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Today is the Day.

18 months ago I booked my dream trip and at the time it seemed like an eternity until I reached the day I went.

Australia is happening TODAY!

I really cannot believe that TODAY I am going to the country I have wanted to visit since I was little. I have 3 weeks with so much planned. I just hope it doesn't go as quickly as the trip has arrived.

I am back on the 30th November and it'll be strange not to read blogs but I sure hope I have some amazing experiences to tell you about upon my return.

 Please cross your fingers and toes for a few things:

1) That I survive the flight and not just literally survive the flight. I also mean that my boredom doesn't drive me insane! It's a 23 hour flight with a one hour stop over in Hong Kong. I am just hoping the excitement overtakes and makes the flight more tolerable. 

2) That I don't miss Simon too much. This has to be the hardest part about leaving. I know some people would kill for a trip like this but it doesn't make the missing any easier. It's the longest we have been apart and it costs a bomb to text/call. I will find it hard to go from seeing/talking to my best friend everyday to sending just the one text a day. (Really trying not to cry as I type this, I have shed enough!)

3) That I stay safe and don't develop sea sickness on the cruise! I have never been on a cruise before.

4) You keep the Airmail Christmas movement spreading. The more the merrier!

5) That I just have the time of my life!

See you in 3 weeks everyone!

Sunday, 11 November 2012


Lest We forget.

How could we ever forget what you have and are sacrificing every day for our country.

"But the freedom that they fought for, and the country grand they wrought for, Is their monument today, and forever more" ~ Thomas Dunn English

True Heroes.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A Very Airmail Christmas.

This is going to be a very special post and probably one of the most important (and fun!) that will be blogged this year. Our only hope is that when you have finished reading this you will say 'yes' to taking part.

Would you like to take part in a Christmas card exchange with other bloggers and the twitterverse this year?

Thank you Sam for designing this for the card exchange- you star!

I think everyone loves Christmas in their own special way. We like to give out presents, cards, decorate our homes and listen to carols. However, there was one lady who I had the pleasure of caring for over the last month who won't get a chance to do any of that this Christmas. As cancer took her life away last week at the age of 41. I am sure many readers have heard stories like these, we're then affected but soon we get on with life. We all do it.

But when you get to know that person over a long period of time, build a rapport with their twins, ask her husband about his day, you inevitably become apart of their story. So I want to share the main reason why this Christmas card exchange came about, the story behind it and the wonderful patient who I will call 'Robin' that started this whole idea.

When I first met Robin the whole nursing team and I were overcome by how humble she was. She spent most of her days trying to get fit enough for chemotherapy, her husband doted on her and her twins would draw a picture for her everyday after school. However, Robin was growing weaker and it soon became clear that she would never get her chemo and would never reach her favourite time of year...Christmas. Over the last few weeks we had been having a few chats and conversations about a multitude of things. She was really prepared but also aware that making it to Christmas was not a possibility so she wrote letters and said her final goodbyes. However, a couple of days ago we got talking about Christmas and how people lose sense of it's 'true meaning'. I never got around to asking her if she was religious or what she believed in about Christmas. I just knew enough that Christmas was her favourite time of year. But it was one thing she said a couple of days before her passing that really struck me.

Robin said "if I had a Christmas wish now it would be really fun, Rebecca, if everyone in the world could just send anyone a Christmas card". I was really confused and when I mentioned that I do send out Christmas cards she corrected herself. She said "No what I mean is it would be fun to send a Christmas card to someone you have never met. We all send our friends and family cards but not to anyone else. It would be fun to spread good will to other people as well too."

Doesn't she have a point you think?

Robin passed away just how she wanted last week. It was extremely hard on everyone as we all thought the same. She left this world too soon, but the following day her twins and husband came to see us and thank us by giving us a Christmas card. We were all touched beyond belief and now I want to carry Robin's idea on to the rest of you.

If you're willing take part and extend your Christmas spirit onto other people then all you have to do is this.

1) Email your address (it can be your home, work or anywhere else address that you'd like a card posted to you at) to the designated email address: forrobin_christmas(at) Please be rest assured your addresses will be held confidentially and not shared with anyone else apart from the person who will be sending you the card.

2) We will then email you the address of someone else that you can send a card to this year.

3) Once you have posted your card all you need to do is wait for the card that you will receive from another generous blogger.

The only rule is that if you're paired up with someone who lives abroad then you need to be willing to send the card to another country. We hope this will also be seen as a way of connecting with new people.

My blog pals Laura Anne and Holly are also joining me on the sleigh to help with this- thank you ladies!!! They will also be overseeing this whilst I am away in Australia from the 12th-30th November. We are the only 3 who have access to the email account that has been set up.

We really hope you take part in this Christmas card exchange. I told Robin's husband of the idea this week and his face just lit up, his words were "this would be Christmas music to her ears."

The more the merrier, so tell your blog friends and twitter (#airmailchristmas) about it! Let's wish everyone 'A Very Airmail' Christmas this year!!!

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