Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy 100th Wednesday Hodgepodge!

This is my 8th time taking part in Wednesday Hodgepodge but it is actually now on it's 100th turn. Happy 100th post Hodgepodge. Here's to 200!!!


1. What creeps you out?

I think I could do a long list on this! I think my top three would be 1) when a person stares you out. I find it really creepy when you know someone is watching you from either next to you or from afar. It's one of the reasons I stopped going to nightclubs, cocktail bars etc because -men - would just stare and leer at you. 2) Rough textures - so dry paint, chalk, dry mud on your hands. Ick! and 3) Seeing people vomit. A lot of people think it's strange because I nurse but I really cannot hack seeing a person be sick. It's the action of a person vomiting and retching that creeps me out, not the actual sick itself. 

2. What's your least favorite candy?

Funnily enough American sweets. Particularly the chocolate. It's not chocolate!!!! If people try our dairy milk or our galaxy I am sure they would agree that's real chocolate. I remember when I went to NYC last year and tried Twizzlers - I spat it out YUCK!

3. Are you a fan of scary movies?  What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?

I do enjoy scary films but I have to be in the mood to watch one, which is not very often. It is not my 'go-to-watch' choice of film but I do enjoy them. I think the Paranormal Activity films are really good and they really scare the daylights out of me. Also, I remember watching a film called Seven and The Shining last year, they really messed with my head psychologically. They were scary characters that I won't forget in a hurry!

4. What part of life confuses you the most?

I think for me it's the simple question of why can't humanity not just get on with each other? Fair enough we may not agree but there's no need to start wars, kill people or say hurtful things. I think also in my line of work, particularly with a dying or severely unwell patient, I can't help but just be really confused with how unfair it is they are going through this. Especially, when there are people like paedophiles, murderers and prisoners getting parole early living a free life. It just is not fair and I get so confused with how life can work like that?!?!

5. Pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, poppy...what's your favorite seed?

Poppy! It's such a beautiful flower and it will always commemorate the brave soldiers that have and are fighting on the front line for us. 

6. Imagine your life ten years from today...what's changed?

The way I envisage my life in 10 years would be to just still be happy and healthy. Of course I like the idea that I'll have a house, be married, travelled a little more and who knows maybe kids? I'll be 33 but I do want to just be as happy with my choices that I have made now as I would be then. 

7.  What do you a) love the most and b) like the least about the Hodgepodge? 

For me, my favourite, is seeing other people's answers and whether or not other hodgepodgers think alike to you. The least is probably that it's only once a week- more often please hehe?!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

The Sandy storm is definitely making my heart heavy at the moment. I hate seeing destruction, lives lost and places ruined. It just makes you think how lucky you are to have a place called home, because thousands of people have lost theirs. 

Monday, 29 October 2012

Halloween Week.

Have a great Halloween this week for those who celebrate it. Cohen went to his first party this weekend. Have to say he makes a cute skeleton right?


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Australia Help.

The countdown is really on now for Australia. In 19 days I will be there and for those who already know me, know how much of a planner I am! I think I have exhausted Google with questions on directions, best places to go, transport etc. 

I wish I could relax but I'd much rather plan it all now so when I am there I know what to do. In my own little world, that's how I best enjoy myself to 'be in the moment' once there!

However, there are still some niggling questions and things I would like to know from people who have been, know people out there or better yet live there!

1) The weather - it's approaching Winter here in the UK so my wardrobe is mainly winter wear. I know it will be Spring in Australia. What's the temperature like? The likelihood of rain/storms?

2) Palm Beach - I am a massive fan of Home and Away and I know the cast film here. I am going on November 15th. Does anyone know if they do set cast days? Probably not but no harm in asking!

3) Buses - I am getting the L90 bus from Sydney to Palm beach. I have to buy my ticket from a pre-pay station. Are these at the bus stops itself? or in buildings?

4) Koalas - I have booked Lone Pine Koala sanctuary for when Ii am in Brisbane. Do I get to hold a Koala? Or pay an extra charge?

5) Sydney - I have heard Sydney is expensive. Is the rest if the East coast like Cairns, Newcastle, Brisbane a little cheaper? Are there places to really avoid cost wise! I am on a budget.

6) Flying - Any tips on long haul flying? I am dreading the flight!!!!!!!! When we flew to California in March I really struggled with the 12 hour flight. How can I cope with 23 hours?

7) First day -  In Sydney we are staying on the harbour (Darling Harbour). We land in the morning and we need to make our best effort to stay up until at least early evening to settle in with the time difference. We don't want to do anything too strenuous (we'll be so tired!). Anything you recommend? Is Sydney easy to walk/navigate around?

8) Anything else? - We have sorted what we are doing in Brisbane and Airlie Beach. Sydney is planned too. But we are also visiting Newcastle, Cairns and Willis Island - any recommendations on what to do?

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge #7

1.  So, do you like beer? 

EUGH!!!! I literally cannot stand it. It's gassy, has a nasty after taste and if I put my nurse hat on - it looks like concentrated urine! In saying that I can tolerate a shandy (so beer and lots of Lemonade!)

2.  What's your least favorite repetitive task? 

In a work sense it's writing. I have so much paperwork at work to fill out and case-notes that my hand aches at the end of each shift! But in a general sense the folding and putting away of washing. In fact, I tend to just leave it piled up on my bedroom floor. Just a hassle!

3.  When was the last time you rode a bus?  Where was it headed? 

I rode one in San Francisco this year! It was very hilly and pouring with rain so we took the bus from pier 39 to China Town!

4.  What song from your childhood or from your own children's childhood could make a parent's nerves stand on end? 

When I was little I LOVED a kids programme called 'Rosie and Jim'. It was a about these two puppet rag-dolls who lived on a barge and had all these adventures. I LOVED the opening song and would sing at the top of voice every morning at 7am when it came on before school. My Mum on the other hand always took a quick shower at that moment. She hated it! The video is below - thanks you tube for reliving a childhood memory!

5.  The US Presidential election cycle is drawing to a close (can I get an AMEN??), and the third and final debate was held last night...what was the last thing you 'debated about'?

Argh! That's such a good question as I think I debate something every single day. I think the last serious debate I had was at work the other day about a patient's pain medications and whether the sensitivities he had to it over-weighed the benefit of the meds. But a petty one would be this morning. I was in the shower and there was no conditioner  I actually stood in the shower for a couple of minutes debating to myself whether it was worth it to get out of the shower and search for some, or just brush the knots out! I opted to just brush the knots my warm showers!

6.  Can a person make too much money?  How much is too much?

Yes I do! I think you have too much money when you lose sight of reality and forgetting the importance of how far you have come because all you see are £££.

7.  Pop-soda-coke-something else...what's it called where you live?

Fizzy drink!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

This is weird but ever since my friend mentioned it I want to do it. Have you ever driven round a roundabout the wrong way round? I was driving really late at night the other day and came to a completely empty roundabout and was just so tempted...yeah weird huh? No benefit to me whatsoever apart from causing a crash!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Updated 'To Visit List'

I have my 'To Visit List' stuck above my computer. I look at it everyday and I either feel two things. 1) eeee!!! Look at the places I have visited or 2) I wish I could see the rest all SOON!
I feel extremely lucky to have visited the places I have been to and I wanted to update you all (and my blog) on what my list looks like now.

Beware it's long!!!

booked for November 2012. Less than 3 weeks to go!


Edinburgh - June 2011

California - March 2012
(toured San Diego, LA, San Francisco and Yosemite!)

Rome - September 2011

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Dublin (Ireland) - booked for August 2013

Bora Bora (French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean)
If I ever get married this is where I would love for my honeymoon to be!

Kenya on Safari

Paris - June 2008

Lake District (England) July 2012

St Tropez & Cannes (France)

Barcelona - January 2012

Portugal - September 2010

New YorkNovember 2011

A Caribbean island
Not fussed which one but Barbados or St Lucia really appeals!

County Wicklow (Ireland)
Ever since I saw the PS I Love You Irish scenes I have to go here!!!

Las Vegas - March 2012 

Turkey - September 2009

Figi & New Zealand
When booking Australia I tried to make it possible to go here as well but I just don't have the money or leave off work to go...yet.

Cornwall (England) - April 2012

Niagara Falls
Simon's aunt lives in Toronto, Canada. So we're hoping in 2014 to go visit her and make the 2 hour journey to see the falls as well!

Ecuador (to see my sponsored child)

Disneyworld Florida & Florida Keys - booked for June 2013

Bali Indonesia 

Also, next year we're going to Cyprus for my sister's wedding. Although it's not on my 'to visit list.' I am still excited to travel there and enjoy the Cypriot sunshine!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Growing Up: Buying a House!

At the age of 23 I never thought I would be making plans to save for a house, let alone consider actually buying a house!

Simon and I have had many serious conversations and we both know that one day we want to live together. But we have to be realistic too. Buying a house is a big decision, probably the biggest you'll make financially. Also, and I can only speak for the UK, buying a house is HARD over here. 

So even though we are not moving in together any time soon. We have to start saving now if we want to be able to move this time next year. However, I won't lie either, the whole process is also really daunting too. All the mortgage jargon like APR, leasehold Vs freehold, valuations, house surveys does become a little too much at times! I wish there was one way of simplifying it all.

We went and saw a mortgage advisor 2 weeks ago who made us feel so much better. He explained everything perfectly and gave us a really good financial target to work towards. So now we are more than determined to aim for it....and I know we can do it. So we are making 2013 the year of the big save!

I'm not sure what the property market is like in other countries but over here the higher the deposit on a house the smaller the mortgage repayments. Now thinking about it that must be like it everywhere else? However, banks here in the UK preferably like you to have a 20% deposit. So, in my area a simple two bedroomed house is around £170,000. So that's a £34,000 deposit!!!! (without the legal and surveyor fees). It's safe to say Simon and I don't have that sort of money  So we are aiming for a 15% deposit instead, which sets us back a little bit. I just wish house prices were a little fairer or a bit more easier to buy - especially for first time buyers like us.

In the meantime, I have been doing the fun stuff like buying little bits and pieces to get us started. I LOVE IT!!! When we do move in I want to move into a home and not live off the basics. No lie, one of my friends had deck chairs for 2 months because she could not afford a sofa! As mean as it might say, I refuse for that to happen. If I am paying back a mortgage, then I want it to be a house to live in.

I think buying little and often for our future house will put us in good stead. So that when we move in we have just the big things to sort out like a washing machine, cooker, sofa etc.

We went to Ikea and Tesco: Home to get some stuff a couple of weeks ago. It was a productive day. We have every basic thing for a kitchen apart from the large appliances!

I am also hunting for bargains for our future house too. I fell in love with this coat hook. It was £4 reduced from £20. Great buy!

So does anyone have any money saving tips? Or hints of how to make buying a house less stressful?!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge #6

1. Noah Webster was born this week back in 1758....besides the on-line version, do you own a dictionary?  Do you ever use the hardback copy or is your hunt for a definition strictly on-line these days? 

I do have a dictionary that I had from my school days. I will admit that I do just use Google though.

2.  Should public schools ban Halloween celebrations?  What about other holiday celebrations currently under fire?  

I don't think any celebration/holiday should be banned as long as it doesn't cause violence and is respected. I understand for religious reasons that some schools won't celebrate Halloween. But I don't think it should be a case of 'if one person doesn't like it then nobody can'. It's a freedom of choice, just don't let your child take part if you're not happy. There should be more emphasis should on the fun, learning and meanings behind celebrations, not what bad things might happen!

I recently read about a school in the north of England who banned Valentines! As they thought it would be upsetting for people who don't have a significant other. Boo hoo! Even when I was single I loved seeing who got cards and roses. Don't be a Scrooge!

3.  What's your favorite 'dog' movie?  

Any Disney Dog film. I love 101 Dalmations! Oh I LOVE Beethoven!!!!

4.  When were you last somewhere you'd describe as 'too quiet'?

Nowhere is too quiet for me. I work in a really busy and conversational environment and my home life is pretty noisy too! So anywhere where nothing is literally a sound = heaven!

5.  Are you a neat cook or a messy cook?  In other words do you clean as you go or make a big mess and then deal with it later? 

When it comes to baking I am SO messy! It must be the flour and the sugar. It just goes everywhere. But with other cooking foods I am a lot less messy. Everything is in bags and containers so it can't go flying!

I tend to just clean up at the end (or Simon does).

6.  Did you hear about Felix Baumgartner, the skydiver who broke the sound barrier via parachute?  Was your first thought  COOL! or was your first thought CRAZY!  Are you adventurous? 

No lie when I first read about him doing it I thought it was a hoax! It just sounds crazy. I would say I am adventurous but not like that.

7.  What's not a word but should be? 

SNIGLET!!! It's basically, in my book, when you have a cute case of the sniffles! They have sniglets instead!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I had my flu jab this week and my arm is so painful! I can't lie on it, rest on it and it wont stop throbbing  Just give me flu.....actually don't.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Aussie Aussie Aussie....Oi Oi Oi!!!

This time next month I will be landing in Sydney. I am so excited! I actually leave on the 12th November but don't actually land until the 14th November. It'll be weird that I will be missing the 13th out entirely due to being in the air!

I am now finally arranging things to do and see whilst there. Since for half the holiday we will be on a cruise, there are some easy choices made for us. But for the first 4 days we will be in Sydney! We have booked our Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. I am in the process of trying to work out a cheap/quick route to Palm beach (for Home and Away "stalking") and I think I will book the city bus tour as that's a good way of seeing as much of the city as possible and the sights!

Plus, my Australian money came today. Hurry up 12th November!!!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

My Nephew is a Genius!

I have to say Cohen is certainly having a lot of 'firsts' at the moment. To the point I am starting to think he is bionic baby!

He's passed his driving test and can drive his Mum's Audi. 

He can order off Menus!

He is trying to like Pear!

...and attempt to do drop kicks for Rugby!

Clever or what?! On a serious note I can't believe how quickly he is growing up. On the 29th October he will be 6 months!!!! It's crazy that he's been apart of our lives for half a year. I wish I could see him more often but these pictures sure make me feel like I am not missing out. 

Also, in other news Nicola and Robbie have booked their wedding - finally! They're getting married 14th October 2013 in CYPRUS! So that'll be another place I have never been to that I am visiting next year. She's asked me to be a bridesmaid too. It will be a beautiful day! Especially as Cohen will be there to see his Mummy and Daddy get married.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge #5

My fifth instalment of Wednesday Hodgepodge from Joyce's blog.


1.  In what ways do you indulge yourself?
I'm a typical girly girl and I enjoy shopping, having my hair done and going on holidays! Who doesn't? Although it's rare that I do it I appreciate it more when I do have the time!

2.  Have you ever taken a cooking class?  Any interest?  What type of class would you most like to try?
I've never taken a cookery class but in the last year I have enjoyed cooking a lot more. I would love to try a cupcake/baking class. I don't have the best skills in that department!

3. What does it mean to be a good citizen? 

I think this could be a broad answer. But in simple - to look out for others as well as just ourselves.

4.  'Tis the season of the political these ads influence your vote? 

I'm not American so not influenced at all! However, when we have the elections in the UK I wouldn't say I am influenced heavily because I hardly ever agree with any political party. I vote for my right to moan.

5.  What's something you see today that makes you wish you were a kid again? 

This time of year I always see posters for pantomimes. Whenever I see them I wish I was a kid again because I got SO swept up in the 'magic' of them. I used to dress up, shout all the 'one liners' at the top of my voice, pleading to go up on stage to be in the games etc. I know that when I have kids the annual Christmas panto outing will be a must!

6.  What's your least favourite cliché?

This is my least and most annoying cliché - "always look on the bright side" and it's always followed by the sentence "at least you have...". Although it's trying to put a positive spin on things I always find it a way of unintentionally making people feel bad for being a little pessimistic or feeling down. I'm sure people don't say it with that intention in mind. I remember when a nurse said it to a patient who had just had cancer treatment and her reply was "at least what? look on the bright side that I'm alive? when at the moment I don't know if I can survive this cancer?" She had a really good point and I just feel like rolling my eyes when it's said!

7.  What percentage of your Christmas shopping has been completed?  How does that make you feel?

None. Although I have started to think about what I am getting people. The actual buying doesn't start until end of November for me.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

This is going to sound really mean but on facebook I am sick to death of my friends with babies putting daily updates of their kids. I don't really want to know that your kid ate with spoon, that they managed to sleep through for 11 hours or they put their bib on the wrong way round. Every once in a while = cute. Every day = annoying! It's facebook, not babybook. Rant over. 

Monday, 8 October 2012

From one nurse to the world.

I've posted an article by a fellow nurse blogger from Rasmussen's College that I was approached by. Many people say how there are so many avenues you can take once you have your RN qualification but this helps break it down. 

7 Career Paths You Can Follow With A Nursing Degree

By Vera Mosely, a practical writer with a love of all things medical.

While many people who have degrees in nursing work in doctor’s offices, hospitals, home health facilities and nursing homes, there are other options that do not involve these areas. With your degree, you have the option of choosing any if not several of the following career paths.

Public Health Nursing
The work of a public health nurse is to make visits to patients after their discharge from hospital. The purpose of this visit is to make sure the patients’ health is improving and that they are well. It allows the nurse to check whether patients follow their medication schedules. These visits are common when the patient is a senior citizen who lives either on their own or with a senior spouse too. Aside from the elderly, the public nurses visit new parents and their children especially those that have injuries or terminal diseases. 

Clinical Licensed Nurse Consultant (CLNC)
Being a CLNC as a career makes use of knowledge from both the legal and medical fields. As a CLNC, you get to review cases for lawyers. These are mainly cases involving malpractice to help the attorneys in determining the strength of the case. By doing this, you are actually a paralegal who attorneys turn to when they need to analyse and build cases relating to medical malpractices.

With your degree in nursing, you might decide to follow a career that will let you teach student nurses. This can be at a universities or local college, choosing a specific field of medicine such as clinical nursing or anatomy. You can also take on the tasks of educating patients as well as the staff about diseases and health topics. Speciality topics can range from diabetics specialists, skin specialists and infection control to lactating specialists.

Forensic Nurses
This career allows you to work with medical examiners and, more so, the police. Forensic nurses determine the time of death as well as the cause to help in solving cases that usually involve murders and suicides.

Expert Witness
An expert witness is one who takes the stand in a trial to testify in cases involving malpractices in a certain profession. As a nurse, you can build a parallel career as an expert witness, which will allow you to testify in medical malpractice cases.

Your Own Business
With the right certification, qualifications and requirements, you can choose to start your own business in the field of health care. You can open a home for the elderly where you take care of their health as well as medical needs. Or you can start a home for those who are physically or mentally disabled. A nursing consultancy business can also work, where people consult you on various matters relating to health care at a fee.

Nurse Practitioners (NP)
Having earned one of the many types of degrees in nursing, you need to go through a master’s degree in nursing to become an NP. This will allow you to perform numerous tasks such as x-rays, diagnostic tests and ordering without the presence of a doctor. You even get the authorization to provide medicine and counselling to patients suffering from chronic conditions. A Nurse Practitioner mainly works in women’s as well as paediatric health sectors. You can even start your own clinic to provide some of these services.

The alternative career paths that nurses can follow are relevant to the field of medicine. Their main aim is to provide health care services and knowledge that ensures the health and safety of many.

I decided a couple of months ago that I definitely want to become a Nurse Practitioner so I am glad this made the list. I hope this helps to encourage more people who may be interested in nursing to actually move forward and look into it more seriously. It's an amazing journey!

Music Monday

This song is pretty much on repeat in my head, on radio and on my iPod at the moment. I don't think there has ever been a song I have disliked of hers. 

You've done it again Taylor. I like the video but don't get the weird dancing brown bears?! *confused*

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Crazy Dreams

Over the last few weeks I have had the craziest dreams!

I am not much of a dreamer but these are so vivid that when I wake up I question if my dream is my real life. Weird huh? I usually forget my dreams in a instant when waking up but I can actually remember most my dreams in great detail at the moment. 

These are some of my dreams:

  • I dreamt last night that I was in a race and we all had to carry a litre bottle of fizzy drink. Whoever the loser was had to down everyone's fizzy drink. I didn't lose but didn't win either. I'm not sure where I came.
  • The other night I dreamt I was back at school and I had to lock every student in a locker in order to protect them. I have no idea who told me to do it and why I had to protect them but I just knew I had to do it otherwise they were in great danger. Creepy right?
  • My most recurrent one that I have had three times is my teeth falling out. This is the worst one because it is SO REAL. I wake up thinking I must call the dentist right away! I hate it. Each dream has involved me being in big groups of people that I do recognise (but won't name names) and there is a sense of me feeling really lost. I remember in one dream we were lost in a massive field by a lake. 

I decided to read up about the "tooth dream" and what it means really does resemble how I feel right now. Dreaming that your teeth fall out can mean three things. 
  • It represents insecurities in how you look. Your teeth are a part of your body that people tend to notice quite quickly. So by dreaming your teeth fall out means you feel your appearance is "crumbling" and you don't feel confident in yourself  At the moment this rings true to me. I have gained weight (I think because I much happier, typical huh?) and have since gone up a clothing size which I don't like. I need to change this!
  • It can mean you have a dental problem that you need to identify. I am also wary of this because I have a 'fake' tooth as one of teeth never grew, it was classed as missing. So once I had my teeth straightened by lovely braces a gap was formed for my new tooth and I am always wary it will fall out!
  • Lastly, it can also mean that you feel you have said some awful things to people and it's coming back to haunt you. This I have not done but I did think it was interesting.
I definitely think your dreams reveal a lot about where you're at in life and how you're feeling. What weird or vivid dreams have you had lately?

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge #4

I think I'm starting to feel part of the Hodgepodge furniture! This is edition number four for me.

1. It's a brand new month...share one thing you're looking forward to in October.

I like the fact that October signifies that I'm one month closer to my Australian holiday!

2.  Is chivalry dead?  Explain. 

I think on some level it is! The whole knights, damsels in distress and princes are only things that come out of Disney  films to me. I don't think it is totally dead though in modern day society  I guess I just think it's a little more hidden!

3.  On October 2, 1950 the Peanuts comic strip made its debut.  Which character is your favorite?  Which character is most like you?  (Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Shroeder, Snoopy, Woodstock, or Pig Pen)  If you need a description click here .

I'd say Lucy, because I can be very bossy!

4.  What's something you're competitive about? 

This may be a strange answer but I am competitive about being correct. When I know I am right I will prove it til the bitter end. I know it's an annoying trait too but if I am wrong I will admit it. However, apart from that I don't think I have a competitive streak purely because I have big fear of failure!

5. October is National Popcorn Popping Month...are you a fan?  How do you like your popcorn? 

YUM! Popcorn is a must have at the cinema! I love toffee or sweet. But not salted!

6.  When did you first realize the world is small? 

I think on a weekly basis I say what a small world we live in. But I remember when I was 14, on holiday in Spain, and I became friends with a girl called Sarah. We got on well but when the holiday was over our contact ended. Flash forward 4 years later and I was enrolling for my nursing degree. This girl tapped me on the should and told me she was Sarah'!!!! I couldn't believe it!!!

7.  In terms of architecture, what's the most beautiful building you've seen up close and in person?

ooo that's a hard one! I would say the Trevi Fountain (at night) in Rome. It is beautiful! In fact walking around all of Rome is like an oil painting!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I got a thank you note from my Gran this week and she always writes in cursive. Do we do that any more? Because I certainly don't and I think it's such a shame because hand writing was an actual lesson in my Gran's school days. Now I just sort of squash my letters together.

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