Monday, 24 December 2012

Wishing You All A Very Happy Christmas

It's the day before Christmas and I am about to head off to my late shift at work. I really do love working Christmas. It's a time where I really appreciate what I have, when I am working with a great team, to try and help people feel better. There are some people that don't get to go home this Christmas and I try to be someone who can bring Christmas to their hospital bed side.

It's also the time of year where I take a sit back from blogging and enjoy some time away from the internet for a week. I have a few things planned and a little time off work in the lead up to new year.

So it leaves me with just one message I'd like to say to you all.

May this Christmas season bring nothing but joy and happiness to you and your families.

And I want to leave you with my biggest blessing from this year. My nephew, Cohen, has been absolutely fascinated with the Christmas tree and it's decorations. But this week he found the presents under the tree and undid bows on the gifts. His face and excitement summed up Christmas in a nutshell. Sheer joy and innocence!

Happy first Christmas sweet boy! 

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SunnyToast said...

He is lovely:) I also spend my christmas at work and instead of being sad I also think that this the day that I should be thankful that I have work and able to provide my family needs. We know alot of people out there with no work. SO I guess the best way to count our blessing.

Anyway, I'm wishing you a joyous holday season and smashing new year!

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