Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sydney - Australia

This week will be - Australia themed - on my blog as I want to document my travels to the southern hemisphere. When I got back I had a tonne of photos I wanted to share with you all. But the posts would be so long! So I decided to make a few little videos instead to consolidate them. I just want to thank Simon who actually made the videos and spent all last Sunday evening doing them for me - I have a very sweet boyfriend!

So today I am kicking off with Sydney! Our start to Sydney wasn't that great. We landed about 7am and it was raining. I just remember thinking "how typical!" but we were also really tired. We probably spent about 45 minutes in the terminal looking for our transfers to the hotel and after a local taxi man guided us in the right direction we found them. I won't lie I spent the time cursing Virgin and their useless information at that point!

Then once we got to the hotel we were told our room would not be ready until 3pm! My mood went through the roof! I had been on a 24 hour flight, sleep deprived, my body clock was out of sync and I really wanted a shower! So then to be told at 9am that morning we had to 'wait it out'. I was beyond annoyed. So we walked around Sydney, got breakfast and we were given vouchers to go to Sydney Zoo which broke up our day. 

It wasn't until we were at the zoo that my mood subsided and I realised I was HERE! Finally I had reached Australia and as tired as I was. I was so glad to be there! Below is the video.

Chinese Garden of Friendship - We visited here our first day. It was really nice to walk around. The Garden was given as a present from China to symbolise the bond between the two countries.

Palm Beach - *sighs* Even though it was a 2 hour bus journey out there it was 100% worth it. The beach was so much more beautiful than I imagined. The sun was shining and I absolutely loved picking out places where dramatic story lines had taken place from Home and Away. Unfortunately they weren't filming. One of the beach caretakers told us they had finished filming the location scenes for 2012 two weeks before. So I felt better in knowing they were never filming there whilst I was in Aussie!

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb & Opera House - The climb was absolutely fantastic!!!! Sadly, it rained all day and was cloudy but the views were still breath taking. It takes 5 hours to complete and my legs felt like jelly at the end! We were also told about it's history and how it was built. I have to say it was the highlight of Sydney for me! The Opera house is just as beautiful as it is in the pictures and we saw a man propose to his, now fiancĂ©e, on the opera house steps. Amazing! But I think the bridge is my favourite Aussie land mark!

Bondi Beach - When I look back on Sydney my only wish would have been to have stayed an extra day and spent an afternoon lying on this beach. It's true what they say - it's surfers paradise - and it was cool to see them surfing right in front of you. They're so good!!! It was such a fun beach, they had competitions running, a fun fair and surf lessons taking place. We only spent enough time there to take some pictures, eat an ice cream and dip our feet in the sea.

Sydney Eye Tower -  This is the tallest building in Sydney standing at 309 metres high and it gave the most amazing views. We could see the harbour bridge, the Olympic stadium, Blue mountains and Bondi beach. It was a great way to end our time in Sydney to see such panoramic views of where we had travelled to.

Looking back I think Sydney was my favourite city we visited. I think it is partly because we spent the longest there but also it had so much to offer. How could you ever be bored there? The only drawback was with it being a city things were a little more expensive like eating out and souvenirs were a little dearer too. But to sum it up? 

I loved every little millisecond, rain or shine.


Brittney Galloway said...

I love all of your pictures!! Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

Kristen said...

Sydney by itself sounds amazing!

Amanda said...

I can't wait to hear more about your trip down under, what an adventure!

SunnyToast said...

thank you for sharing the beauty of sydney...your really having a great time! enjoy life!

Callie Nicole said...

It would be so cool to do the bridge climb!

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