Monday, 31 December 2012

Reflecting on 2012.

What a year 2012 has been? I know I say it every year but how quickly did it whizz by? I have to say, unlike other years, I am quite sad to leave 2012 behind because, despite some down times, it really has been an incredible year!!! So I am going to reflect on it so I can take it all in. 

1) What was the single best thing that happened this past year?
Even though I achieved some amazing goals in visiting places on my 'to visit list' this year. I don't think anything can top this little guy coming into the world. Cohen has graced our family with such happiness since April and we just adore him. I love being an auntie to him. 

2) What was the single most challenging thing that has happened?
This is a tough one but I think making the decision to leave my job this year. It was the first job I got since I qualified in 2010 so it meant a lot. I found it very hard to hand in my notice and take the leap to develop myself further. It's so easy to become comfortable where you're at and the amount of times I nearly retracted my resignation was a lot. Looking back though, even though it was a challenge, I am a lot happier in my new position!

3) What was an unexpected joy this year?
I have to say the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games. I had been looking forward to it all year but I was completely surprised with how taken I was with it. I pretty much watched coverage of it at any given opportunity! It was such a honour to see Team GB win medals and compete on my home turf. It was a pleasure to see people from all over the world travel to the UK to root for their country. It was a time of explicit joy and I will never ever forget those moments, of screaming at the television, crying when we won medals, being in awe of all the amazing athletes, for the rest of my life! It was an incredible month of sportsmanship. 

Tom Daley winning bronze for Team GB in the 10m platform diving. My favourite Olympic highlight. Pure joy!

4) Pick 3 words to describe 2012.
Loved, adventurous and blessed.

5) What were the most entertaining things you have seen/done this year?
Where do I start? Visiting California and Vegas (I got to meet my blog friend April!)! Trying my hand at Golf in Spain. Cycling in Cornwall and The Lake District. Booking Florida 2013! Watching the Queens Jubilee concert. Seeing Matilda, Ghost, Jersey Boys and Shrek in theatre. Standing at the top on the o2 arena. Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Sydney, snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef, holding a Koala in Brisbane and cheering on Team GB in the Rowing at Eton Dorney! 

6) With whom were your most valuable relationships?

Forming colleague friendships in my new job is up there. I was really worried whether or not I would 'fit in' and settle well but I really have. They're a fantastic team, and I see them as my friends now and not just my colleagues. I have to say my favourite and most valuable relationship this year has been with Simon. This time last year I had only just met him and we were getting to know each other. A year later he is my best friend and I value our relationship so much. He's my rock!

7) What was the single biggest waste of your time this year?
This is a tough one but my biggest downfall is I over-analyse things. I have done that a lot this year! I worry and make bigger issues out of things than they needed to be. In some cases I over thought (and cried way to many times) on things that hadn't even happened but I was worried they would become bigger things - if that makes sense? I guess I need to take a step back and let things unfold naturally. 

8) What are you most proud of doing this past year?
The Airmail Christmas Exchange. It's very rare that I am able to 'care' for a patient outside of work and to have been able to have fulfilled 'Robin' Christmas wish was a great thing to be apart of. It's been very humbling to have seen the response and promotion of it!

9) What was the most enjoyable aspect of this year for you?
Without a shadow of a doubt taking a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon and touring Australia. I am really proud I finally bit the bullet, saved and went to Australia. For years I said I would go but never did anything about it. Now as we head into 2013, to be able to say I held a koala, snorkelled in the Great Barrier Reef and visited my dream destination is awesome! 

10) How did you spend Christmas 2012?
I worked Christmas Eve on a late shift but had a great time which was kind stressful as we had patients desperate to go home but were too poorly too. Once it calmed down we ate lots of chocolate, ordered food and played games with our patients. Great fun! On Christmas day I worked an early shift and was able to finish at 2pm. I know a lot of people hate working Christmastime but I don't mind it at all. After all my patients didn't get to go home and I did. It certainly was something I was grateful for! Then I headed home for a Christmas meal with Mum, Dad, Rach, Phil, Aunty Lucy and Uncle Paul. We played trivial pursuit and lots more game. Simon even turned up in the evening to surprise me! On Boxing day I had an unexpected day off and in the afternoon Nicola, Robbie and Cohen came over for dinner. I requested to work Christmas so I could spend New Year off with Simon and our friends!

11) What did you do in 2012 that you hadn't done before?
I turned 23 years old =] and I did loads in Australia and America. To say in 2012 I swam/flew over two of the natural wonders of the world (Grand Canyon & Barrier Reef) is crazy! Plus, I got to go and watch The Olympic rowing team - just brilliant!

12) Finally your plans for 2013, what are you most looking forward to?
I'm looking forward to calming things down a bit. 2012 was a fun and manic year all rolled into one. 2013 seems to be the year of weddings! As Simon's best friend is getting married in Ireland. I will be bridesmaid for Nicola whose getting married October 14th in Cyprus and my friend Laura is getting hitched December 1st too! I'm excited for our trip around Florida in June as well! Also, Cohen turns one in April and I am aiming to hopefully be in a position to start house hunting by the end of 2013 as well. Lots of look forward too!

However you're spending your last day/night in 2012 I really hope you all look back on 2012 with fondness. 

See you in 2013 everyone! Happy new year! 


Amanda said...

What a full, beautiful year! :)

Callie Nicole said...

I really like this list of questions - what a great year you had!

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