Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Queensland - Australia

Our next stop was seeing cities in the state of Queensland. It is such a huge state that I think we barely covered any of it! On this part of our trip we went on a cruise up the east coast. I have never been on a cruise before and it was an experience! Below is the video from our time there.

Cairns - I really liked Cairns. I never knew it was a tropical city so they only have summer and winter, that's it! It was also really hot- about 35 degrees minimum and VERY humid. I had to wear my swimwear and a sun dress just to keep cool. One of the things I really liked about Cairns was that it had hills and mountainous areas. About 80% of Australia is flat land so a lot of cities we saw didn't have backdrops so to speak. 

Cairns by night was the most fun! It has a long esplanade and they had street performers and singers. It was almost the Covent Garden in London of Aussie! There's also a funny story (well I didnt think it was at the time) but in the video there is a picture of me standing next to a really pretty lit tree (they had decorated for Christmas!). So, naturally I wanted a photo! I went up to the tree and as Lotte was taking my photo she said "the tree is moving?" and I thought it was just a breeze! And then I noticed crawling up me loads of bugs. The tree was infested with termites, not such a pretty tree after all!

Botanical Gardens - We decided to do a panoramic tour of Cairns on one of their bus tours. When I saw that botanical gardens was on the itinerary. I wasn't the best enthralled!  But I have to say I was delighted to have been proven wrong. It was like a magical kingdom in there! It was so lush and we had green keepers show us their 'deadly' plants like the venous fly traps etc. It was really interesting! We also visited a beach called Palm Cove which just looked and felt like Paradise! in fact, Nicholas Cage was staying at that beach when we visited at the time.

Newcastle - We actually visited Newcastle first before sailing to Cairns. We went on a Dolphin tour there and it was also the first day we had of just glorious sunshine. I was so happy! We saw a couple of Dolphins but it is mating season for them at the moment so they tend to venture further away from shore to mate.Yet, I was pleased to see some and the boat ride was really good too!

Kuranda - This was my favourite day in Cairns. We visited the northerly town of Kuranda which used to be a place where Aborigines used to settle. It is quite popular now as there is a sky-rail that runs through it. We didn't have time to do the sky-rail but we did go to Tjapukai Aboriginal and Cultural Park which was great! We saw aboriginal dancing, had a boomerang lesson and took a WW2 Army Duck tour through their rainforest. So much fun!

For your information I am still useless at Boomerang throwing despite the lesson in it.


Joyce said...

I'd love to take a trip like this! Was the bridge climb super scary?

Hey Monkey Butt said...

::jealous:: Looks like an amazing time!!!

Ashley said...

Looks like so much fun! Pics are wonderful! Like how you put the pics in a slideshow. Glad you went to the B. Garden - did one in Hawaii and it completely surprised me with how beautiful it was :)

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