Saturday, 15 December 2012

Interesting things I learnt/saw in Australia.

In any country there are always little things you see differently. It's a culture thing I guess but there were so many little facts/snippets I learnt and took in over there. Below is a little list and the Aussie effect.

1) I always thought Kangaroos and Wallabies were just the Australian animal. They are native there and that was all. I did not realise how widespread the Macro-pod species are used! The Kangaroos and Wallabies are emblazoned on the Australian coat of arms. They are from a Macro-pod family which means "big foot" and as a result they can only travel forwards, not backwards. Therefore, Australia's motto is to always look and move forward. What an awesome motto to have as a nation? All because of a Kangaroo/Wallaby!

2) Their pedestrian crossings do not give you long enough to walk across the road (and Sydney/Brisbane have wide roads!) After about 5 seconds it's flashing for you to stop crossing!

3) The rivalry between states. I come from a nation where between our counties (not states) the only rivalry would be in sport. But in Australia it's a different thing altogether! I remember when I was in Queensland and a shop attendant asked me where I had been before going to Cairns. I mentioned Sydney and she said "Why would you go to NSW for? All about QLD here!!! We're kinder than those Cockroaches"  - uumm okay that's nice I guess.

4) It's very flat. I actually wondered if Australia have hills?

5) I was surprised at how very little history Australia have. I knew before going that in terms of the rest of the world Australia is a much 'newer' country. I guess I am used to British history being BC/AD and Australia's starts in the 1700s. I did speak to one Australian on the cruise who said they wished Australia had more of a culture- anyone agree?

6) 'G'day mate' is actually used a lot! I know this sounds weird but whenever anyone does a fake Aussie accent they always start it with 'G'day mate'. It's true though I was greeted by it almost daily from someone and I loved it!

7) So clean! I think London could use some tips at how to keep a city looking nice and tidy.

8) Barely saw any smokers. If you come to London or anywhere in the UK I probably see a smoker every couple of minutes. It was just something I noticed when in a bar one night the 'smokers area' had no-one in it. Bearing in mind it was a Saturday night and the place was packed.

9) I tried veggie mite and it's gross. It is not food.

10) Anyone understand what I mean when I say it's a different kind of sunshine in Australia? I have been on holiday to Spain in 32 degree heat and stifled then given up and sat in shade. On the other hand, in Australia, I found I could have just laid in it all day! Also, my tan is a little more golden, just saying.


Callie Nicole said...

It's so interesting to read about the cultural differences you noticed! And it's nice to know they really do say "G'day Mate" there!

Brooke said...

The secret to vegemite is that you only have a tiny bit on a piece of bread or toast. You cover the bread in butter and then basically put on a couple of little smeared dabs. There is hardly any on it when you eat it. I converted Kevin's Mum by showing her the real way.

Caz said...

A lot of your statements an observations are true.

But you didn't make it to Victoria or the great ocean road. So many hills and cliffs down that way.

Also most of the people saying g'day mate where having a lend of you.. Because well we just don't say that in everyday culture.

Also the Australian culture is rich and long. The aboriginals are one of the oldest cultures in the world.but you were on the wrong side of the country to hear about that.

Hey Monkey Butt said...

I've heard #9 a few times actually. Never knew any of that other info that. That's kinda cool!!! :) Woo hoo for a more goldeney tan ;)

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