Monday, 12 November 2012

Today is the Day.

18 months ago I booked my dream trip and at the time it seemed like an eternity until I reached the day I went.

Australia is happening TODAY!

I really cannot believe that TODAY I am going to the country I have wanted to visit since I was little. I have 3 weeks with so much planned. I just hope it doesn't go as quickly as the trip has arrived.

I am back on the 30th November and it'll be strange not to read blogs but I sure hope I have some amazing experiences to tell you about upon my return.

 Please cross your fingers and toes for a few things:

1) That I survive the flight and not just literally survive the flight. I also mean that my boredom doesn't drive me insane! It's a 23 hour flight with a one hour stop over in Hong Kong. I am just hoping the excitement overtakes and makes the flight more tolerable. 

2) That I don't miss Simon too much. This has to be the hardest part about leaving. I know some people would kill for a trip like this but it doesn't make the missing any easier. It's the longest we have been apart and it costs a bomb to text/call. I will find it hard to go from seeing/talking to my best friend everyday to sending just the one text a day. (Really trying not to cry as I type this, I have shed enough!)

3) That I stay safe and don't develop sea sickness on the cruise! I have never been on a cruise before.

4) You keep the Airmail Christmas movement spreading. The more the merrier!

5) That I just have the time of my life!

See you in 3 weeks everyone!


Janet said...

Bon Voyage young Lady! Have a wonderful time, and who knows, next time you and Simon can go together and you can show him around! Keep safe, and look forward to hearing about all your adventures! xx

Hey Monkey Butt said...

Oh my gawsh, please have a safe trip and take lots of pictures! Can't wait to hear all about it when you return!!!

Brooke said...

Not sure exactly where you are but I was thinking of you when we had some major storms the other day!!

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