Monday, 22 October 2012

Updated 'To Visit List'

I have my 'To Visit List' stuck above my computer. I look at it everyday and I either feel two things. 1) eeee!!! Look at the places I have visited or 2) I wish I could see the rest all SOON!
I feel extremely lucky to have visited the places I have been to and I wanted to update you all (and my blog) on what my list looks like now.

Beware it's long!!!

booked for November 2012. Less than 3 weeks to go!


Edinburgh - June 2011

California - March 2012
(toured San Diego, LA, San Francisco and Yosemite!)

Rome - September 2011

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Dublin (Ireland) - booked for August 2013

Bora Bora (French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean)
If I ever get married this is where I would love for my honeymoon to be!

Kenya on Safari

Paris - June 2008

Lake District (England) July 2012

St Tropez & Cannes (France)

Barcelona - January 2012

Portugal - September 2010

New YorkNovember 2011

A Caribbean island
Not fussed which one but Barbados or St Lucia really appeals!

County Wicklow (Ireland)
Ever since I saw the PS I Love You Irish scenes I have to go here!!!

Las Vegas - March 2012 

Turkey - September 2009

Figi & New Zealand
When booking Australia I tried to make it possible to go here as well but I just don't have the money or leave off work to go...yet.

Cornwall (England) - April 2012

Niagara Falls
Simon's aunt lives in Toronto, Canada. So we're hoping in 2014 to go visit her and make the 2 hour journey to see the falls as well!

Ecuador (to see my sponsored child)

Disneyworld Florida & Florida Keys - booked for June 2013

Bali Indonesia 

Also, next year we're going to Cyprus for my sister's wedding. Although it's not on my 'to visit list.' I am still excited to travel there and enjoy the Cypriot sunshine!


Janet said...

My word - you're a very well travelled young lady! BUT I don't see South Africa on your list ;) Come on now! Plan a trip to visit us and I am sure we can arrange a safari or two - experience some of our South African hospitality! We'd love to have you!

CrysHouse said...

This is crazy! I'm so jealous of all the traveling you've done :)

Hey Monkey Butt said...

That's a nice list. Mine is much shorter and pretty much impossible! :))

Kristen said...

You will love Australia. I have never been there but I just know you will love every millisecond!

putthefuninfun said...

Yay for Vegas! :-)

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