Monday, 8 October 2012

From one nurse to the world.

I've posted an article by a fellow nurse blogger from Rasmussen's College that I was approached by. Many people say how there are so many avenues you can take once you have your RN qualification but this helps break it down. 

7 Career Paths You Can Follow With A Nursing Degree

By Vera Mosely, a practical writer with a love of all things medical.

While many people who have degrees in nursing work in doctor’s offices, hospitals, home health facilities and nursing homes, there are other options that do not involve these areas. With your degree, you have the option of choosing any if not several of the following career paths.

Public Health Nursing
The work of a public health nurse is to make visits to patients after their discharge from hospital. The purpose of this visit is to make sure the patients’ health is improving and that they are well. It allows the nurse to check whether patients follow their medication schedules. These visits are common when the patient is a senior citizen who lives either on their own or with a senior spouse too. Aside from the elderly, the public nurses visit new parents and their children especially those that have injuries or terminal diseases. 

Clinical Licensed Nurse Consultant (CLNC)
Being a CLNC as a career makes use of knowledge from both the legal and medical fields. As a CLNC, you get to review cases for lawyers. These are mainly cases involving malpractice to help the attorneys in determining the strength of the case. By doing this, you are actually a paralegal who attorneys turn to when they need to analyse and build cases relating to medical malpractices.

With your degree in nursing, you might decide to follow a career that will let you teach student nurses. This can be at a universities or local college, choosing a specific field of medicine such as clinical nursing or anatomy. You can also take on the tasks of educating patients as well as the staff about diseases and health topics. Speciality topics can range from diabetics specialists, skin specialists and infection control to lactating specialists.

Forensic Nurses
This career allows you to work with medical examiners and, more so, the police. Forensic nurses determine the time of death as well as the cause to help in solving cases that usually involve murders and suicides.

Expert Witness
An expert witness is one who takes the stand in a trial to testify in cases involving malpractices in a certain profession. As a nurse, you can build a parallel career as an expert witness, which will allow you to testify in medical malpractice cases.

Your Own Business
With the right certification, qualifications and requirements, you can choose to start your own business in the field of health care. You can open a home for the elderly where you take care of their health as well as medical needs. Or you can start a home for those who are physically or mentally disabled. A nursing consultancy business can also work, where people consult you on various matters relating to health care at a fee.

Nurse Practitioners (NP)
Having earned one of the many types of degrees in nursing, you need to go through a master’s degree in nursing to become an NP. This will allow you to perform numerous tasks such as x-rays, diagnostic tests and ordering without the presence of a doctor. You even get the authorization to provide medicine and counselling to patients suffering from chronic conditions. A Nurse Practitioner mainly works in women’s as well as paediatric health sectors. You can even start your own clinic to provide some of these services.

The alternative career paths that nurses can follow are relevant to the field of medicine. Their main aim is to provide health care services and knowledge that ensures the health and safety of many.

I decided a couple of months ago that I definitely want to become a Nurse Practitioner so I am glad this made the list. I hope this helps to encourage more people who may be interested in nursing to actually move forward and look into it more seriously. It's an amazing journey!

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Jean-Marie said...

I noticed you on a mutual blog and clicked over... Finding this post gave me an odd feeling... I have been looking into advancing my current nursing degree and ironically, was just discussing that very topic over coffee with my hubs. Maybe this is part of my SIGN.

I do find it sad that many are becoming discontented nursing, particularly floor nursing. My hospital is going to hiring all BSNs.. Good Luck with that. Most with higher than an ADN have larger goals and dreams.

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