Thursday, 4 October 2012

Crazy Dreams

Over the last few weeks I have had the craziest dreams!

I am not much of a dreamer but these are so vivid that when I wake up I question if my dream is my real life. Weird huh? I usually forget my dreams in a instant when waking up but I can actually remember most my dreams in great detail at the moment. 

These are some of my dreams:

  • I dreamt last night that I was in a race and we all had to carry a litre bottle of fizzy drink. Whoever the loser was had to down everyone's fizzy drink. I didn't lose but didn't win either. I'm not sure where I came.
  • The other night I dreamt I was back at school and I had to lock every student in a locker in order to protect them. I have no idea who told me to do it and why I had to protect them but I just knew I had to do it otherwise they were in great danger. Creepy right?
  • My most recurrent one that I have had three times is my teeth falling out. This is the worst one because it is SO REAL. I wake up thinking I must call the dentist right away! I hate it. Each dream has involved me being in big groups of people that I do recognise (but won't name names) and there is a sense of me feeling really lost. I remember in one dream we were lost in a massive field by a lake. 

I decided to read up about the "tooth dream" and what it means really does resemble how I feel right now. Dreaming that your teeth fall out can mean three things. 
  • It represents insecurities in how you look. Your teeth are a part of your body that people tend to notice quite quickly. So by dreaming your teeth fall out means you feel your appearance is "crumbling" and you don't feel confident in yourself  At the moment this rings true to me. I have gained weight (I think because I much happier, typical huh?) and have since gone up a clothing size which I don't like. I need to change this!
  • It can mean you have a dental problem that you need to identify. I am also wary of this because I have a 'fake' tooth as one of teeth never grew, it was classed as missing. So once I had my teeth straightened by lovely braces a gap was formed for my new tooth and I am always wary it will fall out!
  • Lastly, it can also mean that you feel you have said some awful things to people and it's coming back to haunt you. This I have not done but I did think it was interesting.
I definitely think your dreams reveal a lot about where you're at in life and how you're feeling. What weird or vivid dreams have you had lately?


Kristen said...

I have had the dream where my teeth have fallen out. Looking back at your reasons for having the dream, at the time I was having major problems with my wisdom teeth so it was related to that.

In saying that, over the last month or so all my dream have been related to me being in water! Either in a good or bad way. I will have to look this up =)

K x

Holly said...

LOL at the fizzy drink race! That is so extremely weird, but really funny! :P

I never remember the things I dream about. :(

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