Friday, 21 September 2012

Prince Harry & Combat.

This has been a sore subject when I have talked about it with people at work and my family. Simply because people are so on the fence about whether Prince Harry should be in Afghanistan or not? 

For me, on one hand, he has every right to be there. He trained for it, he enjoys it and as a result should be, like the other soldiers, carry out the duty he worked hard to train for. 

Courtesy of Daily Telegraph.

But then I also think this carries HUGE risk. He is putting other soldiers at risk and the blast on Camp Bastion last week only further adds to my worry that maybe he should not be there. After all, two American soldiers died in the raid and if Harry had not been in Afghanistan those soldiers would probably be returning home alive instead of coffins.  

However, the other infantries know the risks too that by sharing a base with a wanted prince, by the Taliban, their lives are more at risk too. The fact is he is there for another 3 months and I doubt he will come home before then. Just if something happened to Prince Harry I don't even want to imagine the uproar that would occur!

What do you guys think? Should he be there or not?


Hey Monkey Butt said...

Yea so I've missed something.. A lot I guess. Why is he wanted? I'd say being wanted that's pretty silly and selfish for him to risk so many lives for his "fortune and glory" so to speak. Just because he's trained for it doesn't really give him the right to put others in harms way. Am I being mean?

Laura Anne said...

I think we forget that most of the royals have been on the frontline. In fact I think some of them have died in the world wars. Heck the Queen's Dad was fighting in the navy in WW2.

I think the fact that he is willing to put his life on the line for others is an honourable thing and should be commended. I actually think the problem is with the media and they have insisted on putting it out there last time he was in Afghanistan. Why they can leave Prince William alone for 4 years at St Andrew's University but not leave Prince Harry alone while he is on active duty in the army - it is them that have put soldiers lives at risk.

Kristen said...

I agree with Laura Anne. If the press did not concentrate on it so much the Taliban would not have the information! He has every right to stay there and fight.

Janet said...

I with Laura Anne too. The media make a hype about anything and everything to make a quick buck and for sensationalism! At least he's not hiding away in a protected "job" to protect himself. I think he's a brave young man, as are the others that having given up their civilian lives to protect against terrorism. He might be a "naughty boy", but I think he's brave and fun!

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