Friday, 14 September 2012

My answers to your questions.

Sorry it has taken me a while to answer these questions. Thank you for taking the time to ask on here and twitter too!

Here goes.

1) Now you have qualified and worked for a couple of years. Is there something you would really like to try/do nursing wise?

One of the things I love about Nursing is there is so much to do! I can go into pretty much any field but like I have always said; Surgical patients are my 'thing'. I am really enjoying this job but over the last year or so I know that eventually I want to go into the community. I feel there is a real gap in Nursing there or at least it could be improved upon. I know I would like to become a Health Visitor so I can incorporate my love of Midwifery into it. I also like the the idea of practice nursing in GP clinics too! At the moment I am happy with what I am doing.

2)  How is your new job is going and what makes it different to your old one?

My new job is going really well. I have settled in much better than I thought I would and ultimately I am so much more happier. I really look forward to work now and the team I work with are great! In terms of differences to my previous jobs there a few. On the nursing side of things there isn't a great deal of change. I look after more high dependency patients (so they require more frequent monitoring) but I have pretty much just transferred my nursing skills over. 

In terms of differences though. I don't do night duty so my body clock likes me now. I have less of a patient load. In my last job I had about 10 patients per shift - it was exhausting and a 10:1 ratio in my opinion is dangerous! I now have about 6-7 patients per shift which I LOVE! I have more time to do my job and form better relationships with them. Also, I have a better spectrum of surgical patients. In my last job my ward specialised in gynaecology, bowel, breast and urology. Now, I have orthopaedic, medical, vascular and neurological patients too. 

3) Out of the places you have travelled to so far on your bucket list. Where has been your favorite?

Argh! This is so hard.....(3 minutes later)....I would have to say California. Purely because of the amount we saw and the amount we did in 10 days. It was a breath taking state! However, New York, Rome and the Lake District are way up there!!!!

4) You've been to quite a few places on your travel list that I have seen. Has there been a place that did not meet your expectations?

There's only one place I did not like and that was Turkey. I'm a (fake) blonde girl and Arab men loved it. I was grabbed in streets, on the beach men would just come up ask me to go late night dancing/swimming/use hot tubs with them. I felt really uncomfortable the whole time and I found myself getting more wound up the longer I stayed. The actual country is nice and hot, just the men put me right off ever going again!

5) I love you and @sbottomley17 together on twitter. Can I cheekily ask if he is 'the one'?

Thanks haha! I will tell him that! Without a shadow of a doubt yes. I see myself moving in with him, I see myself walking down the aisle to him and I most certainly see him as the father of my kids (but that's a long way off yet!). He's everything I have ever wanted and I am very happy with where we're at right now. 

 6) Do you have any pets?

I have two cats but my one is called Appleby (her sister is Bramble). I call her Crabby Apple though cause she's always in a mood. I love her lots and I have had her since she was 6 weeks old. Now she's 10! She's feisty and very vocal. I really have not had a cat like her. She knows when I am down because she does not leave my side. I wish she was immortal!

7) What made you start blogging?

I wish there was a set reason but there really isn't. I just remember one Saturday morning in July 2008 I was bored and was surfing the net. I came across a blog (Angie Smith's) and thought it was a nice way to document life. At the time I was going through a lot. I had just broken up with an (ex) boyfriend, had the day before finished my first year of nursing studies and just felt really jumbled up! I look back at my first post and think 'what the heck were you writing?'. But I guess I was using it as a release at the time. It felt much better to have my issues stored somewhere else than my brain! Since then it has evolved into many other reasons and I love it!


Kristen said...

Great answers Becca! I hope Simon sees your answer to number 5 as it's v sweet!

Steph{anie} said...

Awwww...he's "the one!"

I love it :)

Kristen said...
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Holly said...

ARGH at the Arab men pestering you! I would not like that either. Ew. :S

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