Friday, 31 August 2012

Your Platform.

With everything that has gone on lately I just do not feel like blogging, which is a shame. As like I said in my last post there is so much I want to blog about! For those who have asked, Simon is doing better and his family are just taking it as it comes. They have their good and bad days as expected. Thank you for your lovely thoughts and words he's received.

I thought the other day I have not done a question and answer post in a couple of years. In fact looking back it was May 2009 I did my last one! And since then my life has certainly changed!

So the platform is there a question you'd like to ask me? Anything else you want to know about me. I'll be honest and wont bite :). I'll answer them next week.

A sunset I watched on holiday last week.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Kristen said...

Thank you for the update on Simon. Simon and his family have been in my prayers all week. I hope time heals them.

It has been a long time since you did a question and answer post! I have a couple.

1) Now you have qualified and worked for a couple of years. Is there something you would really like to try/do nursing wise?

2) Out of the places you have travelled to so far on your bucket list (which I love). Where has been your favorite?

Janet said...

I am glad that Simon and his family are coping a little better. It's a tough one, but the sun will come out - I promise! :)

I would like to know how your new job is going and what makes it different to your old one!

Have a lovely week-end!

Holly said...

I just realisd to don't know this about you! Do you have any pets? :)

laura anne said...

What made you start blogging?

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