Monday, 30 July 2012

Olympics are HERE!!!

I'm so HAPPY the Olympics are finally here. I might be a little biased but wasn't the opening ceremony phenomenal?! I really think we welcomed the world to what the UK have to offer brilliantly. I felt very patriotic watching the show seeing our history, the music, the Queen, Mr Bean, the fireworks and how the cauldron came together. I know it wasn't everyone's cup of tea (thank you Washington Post for your honest but slightly harsh comments!) but I'd love to know what you guys thought?!

I have always loved the Olympics. I enjoy watching genuine talent. These athletes and performers have trained for years to compete in these events, some that only last a day! I mean to train for 7 years to compete for just a one day event!? It's incredible and they deserve more credit than, in my opinion, those overpaid idiots on a football field. 

It's really the worlds moment to shine with these guys trying to win medals for your country. The motto of the Olympics is to "Inspire a Generation" and I truly believe that London 2012 have already done that. Hopefully I can speak on behalf of the UK to say how hosting this event has been such a honour for us! 

Yesterday I got to go to Eton Dorney Lake to see the Rowing. I had to be up at 5am in order to gain access to get there as many roads were closed off. I was tired, moody, hungry and although excited I just wanted my bed. When we got there though my mood totally changed. Seeing all the union jack flags, hearing different accents from people who have flown all around the world to see the Olympics and just the general vibe was amazing!!! The Rowing had me on the edge of my seat when Team GB were competing for their chance to go through to the quarter finals. (Well done Team GB we got in by pipping NZ to the post by 0.7 seconds, apart from the women's 8's of which USA won and so they should have, They were a powerhouse!). It was an awesome day and one I will NEVER forget. Who in their lifetime gets to say 'I went and saw the Olympics' - great morning!

Team GB practising for the heats.

Simon's aunty and cousins came over from Canada for the Olympics. 

Most of all, in a time where the world is going through some hard times like terrorism, natural disasters, illness and political corruption. Hopefully sitting in front of your television or being in the audience here in the UK will help people realise how much good there is in the world, how much talent there is on offer and proving it's not how you win at things in life but ultimately how you conquer it. 

Enjoy the games everyone. 


Katie said...

I loved the Opening Ceremonies! But, I'm also a bit of a sport junkie!

Janet said...

I thought the opening was amazing! And of course am absolutelty thrilled that Cameron v/d Bergh won SA our first gold AND broke a world record! It's sooooo exciting! Well done Britain!

Hey Monkey Butt said...

I watched the Opening Ceremonies and I thought it was WOW! Loved it and the history part was really cool. Mr Bean had me going LOL. We've watched the gymnastics and my daughter is in love! England is doing an awesome job at hosting. You're lucky to already bet there for this one! :) Have an awesome MOnday!

Kristen said...

Washington post can shove their opinion. My family and I loved the opening ceremony. What people have to remember the show was designed for the audience and not massively for TV! It was still a great show and we have recorded it to watch again.

Well done UK it has been a well organised event and the USA have nothing but praise! Go USA!

Stacie said...

I loved the opening ceremony. It was simply stunning and extremely entertaining. :) I was very impressed. I don't know what the Washington Post said but they were wrong!

Alex(andra) said...

Opening Ceremony was fantastic!!! Loved it. Love the whole games so far. It's crazy to see so many talented people. Phenomenal.

Holly said...

Not a very big Olympics fan here (I know...what's wrong with me, lol!?) but I did watch some of the opening ceremony and loved Rowan Atkinson :)

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh, didn't you just love the Opening Ceremony?? I have never, ever gotten into the Olympics before, but watching it with Trav is so much fun! Also, I love watching the stories of how the people became involved and their stories of growing up :) It motivates me - to sit on the couch and watch others success! LOL!

<3 Ash

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