Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Middle Place

I am not sure whether it is the summer months (although the word "summer" in the UK at the moment is debatable). Or whether I tend to feel more relaxed in "summer" that I just become a book worm. My Mum has said since I was little girl that as soon as the clocks turned forward I just loved to read and then as soon as the clocks turned back for winter I just was not that interested!

"Summer" has come again and I am now officially a book worm once more. I have read quite a few books this summer. They have mainly been Nicholas Sparks books because he's quite light, they're romantic and easy to read. I am halfway through the 50 shades trilogy (I'll put a little side note about that at the end of this post) but I wanted to blog about another book that I REALLY think should be on your bookshelves everyone!

The Middle Place: By Kelly Corrigan. 

It is about a mid thirties, married and mum of two young girls, who finds out she has breast cancer. Then halfway through her treatment her hero (her Dad) is diagnosed with bladder cancer for the third time. It was exceptional reading!

I first came into awareness of this book from a patient I was looking after. I know you should not have favourites for patients but she was so lovely, her family had hearts of gold and she was so pleasant. There was just one thing that broke my heart.

She was dying of cancer. In fact, she sadly passed away last week.

When she was in my care she was reading this book and urged me to read it too. She said it made cancer "funny" and the stories the author mentioned were some she completely related to. Also, another reason she enjoyed reading it was because the book had no faith based background. I remember when I read "Same Kind of Different As Me" (which I also recommend you read) but it was a book that involved a lot of Christianity and references to the Bible, which in simple terms I don't get or relate to. 

This book has none of that, which I found really refreshing. Kelly Corrigan goes through her despair, how she relished the simple moments like when her husband plays her Guitar, how fish don't have noses (they have fish-noses according to her two year old) and my favourite aspect was her adoration for her Dad!

It was truly heart warming to read and makes you see someone's journey to remission in a totally different light. I see cancer a lot. But I see people when they're really sick with it or dying of it. I don't get the see the heroes that helped them in life before cancer struck, the person they were before chemotherapy began or the realisation "that they will always be someone else's daughter/son, mum/dad or sister/brother". It really hit home to me that however you're affected by cancer in your lifetime. You simply cant let cancer have it's way!

So if you have an empty gap on your book shelf I really recommend this.

In a small note to 50 shades - the first book made for uncomfortable reading and it isn't written very well either. I like the idea of the dark side of sex and how Ana is so affected. I am onto the second book which is better. I don't recommend buying but if someone has the book then borrow it to see what it's like. So far it is not worth the money!

Any other good summer reads?!


Katie said...

I read this book last summer and loved it! It was touching, but not sappy. And a surprisingly hopeful book for one about cancer.

Hey Monkey Butt said...

I'm trying, so hard to overcome my sadness on recent cancer news from Mama Monkey Butt, will keep in mind though if in search of something new. It's summer here also and I haven't read anything, I'm too scattered as of lately, it sucks. I NEED the read right now I think. :) Good to hear a review of 50 shades :)

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