Monday, 23 July 2012

Lake District

I'm finally getting round to posting about the Lake District a week after we got back.

I have to say that the Lake District is hands down the prettiest place in Britain. It is SO picturesque, quiet and has lots to do. I love places like Cornwall and the Isle of Wight but they're also really touristy. The Lake District is but it is so spaced out and almost mountainous that you quite often have the lakes and beautiful surrounding to yourselves!

What I would give to be back there! How can you beat a view like it?!

Simon made a little video of it because I wanted to share all the pictures with you. It's so hard to choose some just for one post. 

Some of my favourite moments (that you see in the slideshow).
  • BBQ on Crummock Water on the Sunday night. This was my favourite of the 10 lakes in the district. We had it all to ourselves, you could hear no cars or people. Plus, we had a paddle and the BBQ was nice too!
  • Bike riding around Derwent Water. I think this was the busiest Lake because it is right next door to Keswick (one of the main towns). We took our bikes up with us so it was a really active way to see parts of the Lake. We also took a boat ride on the Lake itself and had fish and chips next to the water :)
  • Visiting Beatrix Potter's house. On the way home we decided to visit Lake Windemere. It's the biggest and most popular lake in Cumbria. However, the weather was miserable! The rain and cloud was so bad that you could not really see the Lake through the rain/mist. However, as we drove through Windemere I saw a poster about how this was Beatrix Potter's favourite place. So I typed into google, got the address of where she lived and off we went! I'm so glad we got to see where she made her famous creations. I remember reading her books like Tale of Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddleduck when I was little. It was really special to go there!
  • Not having a set plan. Usually when I go away I like to make a little list or plan of what I want to see/do. Visiting Cumbria has been on my bucket list but we only booked it about 3 weeks ago so it was quite last minute. Most of the time Simon and I just drove between towns and that way we were able to go down some awesome country roads, see more lakes and steer clear of the touristy side.
We saw Cumbria at it's most authentic and we loved every second! I'd like to go back when I know the weather will be nice and sunny because you can swim in the Lakes and it would be awesome to do that!

In other news I finish my job on Thursday morning. I have 2 more shifts until my time on Kingfisher ends and 4 days until the Olympics. CANNOT WAIT!!!

P.s I know the you tube video doesn't work on this site but if you click through you can watch it there. Sorry I am trying to fix it. 


CrysHouse said...

I get so jealous of all of your travels, but I love the pictures you post. My husband and I want to go to Italy for our ten-year anniversary. I really hope that happens :)

Kristen said...

I feel relaxed just looking at those pictures Rebecca! Sounds like a great trip!

Katie said...

It looks beautiful! I'm very excited about the Olympics too! (In fact, I might just throw a little Opening Ceremonies party Friday night!)

Hey Monkey Butt said...

Very cool. Love the photos! Thanks for sharing!! :)

Janet said...

Hey! I've missed not being able to comment on your post! I LOVE your slide show - what a beautiful place! I am a huge Beatrix Potter fan and if I'm ever lucky enough to visit the UK again, the Lake District will definitely been on my list! Love and Greetings from Gauteng!

Holly said...

Beautiful photos - and the Youtube video did work for me on here! :)

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