Monday, 25 June 2012

Whilst I find a moment to breathe...

I think I say this in every post on my blog lately...but how QUICKLY is this year going?! It will be July next week. I just think it's crazy!!!

I just wanted to post a catch up really. I'd love to be able to post more regularly but just finding the time to sit at a PC for half an hour is a pleasure at the moment. Anyone else feel like that or is it just me?

1) I finally handed in my notice and my contract is signed for my new job. So it is officially official that I am leaving. I had a moment of panic last week and nearly asked for my notice back purely for fear of change. But I have to realise that change is healthy and I need to do something else. So my leaving date is the 25th July. I wanted to leave the following week but my manager put me on night duty over the days I am meant to be going to see the Olympics. Even though I requested those days off to go back in March (and was given the okay) she still put me on nights. So I'm having to leave a week before then. My provisional start date is Monday 6th August! Eekk!

2) This weekend Simon went to Spain with his Dad to play Golf and my parents went to Ibiza for 2 weeks. So that means I am home alone with my two younger siblings. They have already filled the living room up with pizza boxes and cola cans....

3) This weekend coming up I am going to Henley Regatta! It is a formal rowing event that takes place annually. A bit like Ascot for horse racing, this is for rowing! I have never been and I am really looking forward to it. I just hope the weather holds out. I would LOVE mother nature to make it a good day weather wise! I also really like my dress for it. I will share more next week.

4) A big CONGRATULATIONS to my blog friend Callie who is expecting her second baby! She already has stinkingly cute Wyatt so I am so pleased she has another on the way. I remember when Callie struggled to conceive Wyatt. So for her to have the blessing of having another is a true gift!

5) I have been a terrible aunty. And I really mean that. Cohen is now 8 weeks old and I have only seen him 3 times. My Mum and other siblings have seen him way more but because of work I just haven't had the time. But this coming Friday I get to spend all afternoon with him and I really cannot wait. It's been long overdue! Here are some updated pictures of him. He is a spit of his Daddy!

 He started smiling last week which is so darn adorable. He can lift his head and he can also turn himself over which freaked Nicola out a little at first.

We nick name him 'Spud' because he has a potato head (like his Daddy!).

6) Last week Simon and I saw Rock of Ages in the cinema. Go see it! It's a great sing-a-along.

7) If you pray or can send good wishes to my friend Laura Anne then please do. A high school friend of hers (Cara) lost her friend (Sheree) from transplant rejection this weekend. It just highlights the importance of getting yourselves on the transplant list and giving blood. It saves lives and even though it didn't save Sheree's life it should be a legacy of hers to get more people to sign up! It takes only a few moments. Do something good in death as well as life.

8) We just booked a trip to go to the Lake District in Cumbria for 3 days in mid July. We're taking our bikes up with us to go cycling around the lakes. It's on my bucket list so I am really excited to go!

9) 7 weeks until I go on holiday with the girls to see Oli in Menorca. I need some sun. The weather in England is depressing. Some "summer" we're having!

10) I love making cards on the internet at the moment. You can personalise them, change the fonts etc and I think it is way more fun. Plus, it costs the same as buying them in the shop. It was my Mum's birthday last week and I made a card for her through MoonPig. Here is one I did for my friend Jaimie last week. She really wants a Micro Pig so we gave her one!

Oh and that's another thing... if any of you are happy to email me your home addresses I would love love love to send you snail mail someday or birthday greetings. My address is on my contact page. 

That's pretty much what is happening in the world of me lately. 


Kristen said...

I know what you meant about finding the time these days. This year is going so fast.

Oh Cohen I could just eat you right up!!!!

Starlight said...

Glad to know what's going on with you. :)

laura anne said...

Thanks for the shout out for Sheree! :) And for your lovely encouraging messages yesterday.

Holly said...

Cohen is adorable! :D

I know what you mean about new job change being scary - it totally is, but I hope yours goes well! :)

Amanda said...

So much happening! And squee, baby pictures!! :)

Ashley said...

How exciting about a job change!! :) I have been day dreaming about jobs, a new home and what a whole "marriage" life will be like since finding out about all the life changes we have coming at us!! :) Sooo much to think about - can't wait to hear about your new job. Everything will work out and it will be scary - but you got to do what is best for you :)

Cohen is soooo stinkin' adorable!!! :) If you get a chance, post more baby photos!

<3 Ash

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Anonymous said...
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