Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Friendship Series: 1) Making Friends.

Callie over at Through Clouded Glass has started a Friendship series which I just LOVE the idea of! The friendships I have made over the years have become some of my favourite people and I treasure them beyond belief.


This week's topic is about starting friendships but I'll also talk about what I think makes a good friend and the social media aspect of 'making' friends too.

I guess I count myself quite lucky as I have always found it easy to make friends with people. I am quite outgoing and love to talk! So making conversation in the initial stages of forming friendships has come quite easily to me. I don't think there is a set way to making friends. I think it is a natural process unlike that of meeting a potential partner (you know all that rubbish about reaching certain bases etc!)

I think my only downfall when starting friendships is that I am quite opinionated. I form an opinion of whether I like someone or not in the first couple of minutes. If I am not keen on that person then I won't bother trying to form a friendship. And although I hate to admit that and it may not sound so nice it is just how I have always been. So I guess having that way of thinking could have stopped me from making great friends!

Instead of trying to make sense of how to make friends I thought I would talk about how I met some of my best friends and how that developed.

I met my best friend Kathryn at school. We met at the lunch table in the hall in year seven and have pretty much been best friends since. I remember we just talked at lunch and then we had a few classes together where I we got told off for talking when teacher was teaching. After a couple of months we started going shopping/cinema/sleepovers on the weekend and since then going through school, college, university and now our careers together.

                                    Kath and I at age 15.        Kath and I last year - 7 years later.

I met Oli on holiday in Menorca. I was playing sharks in a yellow plastic boat and he joined in on the game. I remember we chatted in that boat all afternoon and even though we live in different countries we still make a resolute effort to talk all the time and see each other a couple of times a year!

                                      Oli and I in 2007                      Oli and I in Barcelona this year

I don't think making friends should be an effort at all. I know some people are quieter and are encouraged to join clubs and groups etc to help them interact. But if you are going to be friends with someone then the whole getting to know them, the of sharing life and seeing each other should never be an issue but just apart of life.

This may sound really cheesy but I think the most important aspect of being a good friend is to just be who you are. There is nothing worse than getting to know the fake side of someone! Because at the end of the day you want a friend who will stick with you when you have an argument, who will see you cry, who will offer support in hard times and encourage you when the going gets tough. You want a friend who will cheer you on, who will go through major life events with you and most importantly I know I want a friend who will still be my friend even when I make silly mistakes, or not hold it against me when I cant see them as much as I want to at times.To just be totally accepting of who you are and vice versa!

I think this is one reason I love social media. The internet, blogging and things like facebook and twitter have made it so much easier to make new friends because we share so much of our lives on there! I have even met some bloggers like Laura Anne in Edinburgh, Ruth in London and April in Vegas! And rather than call them virtual friends I'd like to think of them as more than just acquaintances now. Simply they know who I am, what I like and we're there for each other in our own little way on the net and beyond.

Here I am with Ruth, Laura Anne and Mike in November 2011 - all whom I met through social networking. We had just been to the theatre together here.

I could not live without my friends and I look back fondly at each of them and how we met on many occasions.

If you want to take part in Callie's Friendship series then please click this link to find out more.

Thanks, friends.


Callie Nicole said...

Good post, Rebecca, and I so agree that you should be yourself when making friends! I can totally tell when someone is being fake, and it's hard to really want to make friends with someone if I don't feel like they are being real.

Thanks for linking up too! :-)

Hey Monkey Butt said...

I usually love people, but I tend to have a hard time making real friends. The ones who aren't talking bad about you when you aren't there. I'm also the quiet one and don't really have the outgoing personality, some of the people I try to make friends with are the same and it's just hard! Go figure. Love the advice though! :)

laura anne said...

Awww, love this post. I consider you as not just my 'online friend'. And I can't not smile when I see the picture of us with Alf!! That was such a fun night.

Holly said...

This looks like such a cool series, I have to go and look at the rest of it now!

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