Thursday, 10 May 2012

Yep another Holiday....

A couple of months ago a close blog friend said to me 'all you do is travel...when you booking your next big trip?' and I flat out said no more! I've only just finished paying off Australia a year after we booked it. So no....

Well that flipping went out the window! I have no-one to stop me see....well only other than myself.

I always said after Australia I would save for my own place which realistically will take me about 2 years. So booking a holiday would only extend my stay at home right? Well the sane part of me gets that...but the insane and spontaneous part of me, not so much!

Things between Simon and I are going really well. We have had the 'in the future talks' and if things continue the way they are then naturally at some point we would like to live together. However, we have to be adults and realise we have only been together 5 months and it seems a little too soon to be saving for something as big as a house at the moment. I am sure in November when we have been together a year saving for a house would appeal a lot more!

At Easter we got talking about the little trips we were taking. We've been to Cornwall and in 2 weeks we are going to Spain for a week. So Simon suggested why not, before taking a big step like saving for a house together, we go on a really nice holiday. A place we would not really be able to afford if we had a mortgage! 

I leapt at the chance and I still have my 'to visit' list from 2007 that I cross off. Here is the updated one.

It was pretty obvious where we were going to go.

There was no hesitation....


Si did his degree out in Atlanta, GA so he has a big love affair with America. Plus, on my bucket list the only place left to visit in America is Florida! It would be quite nice to tick it off and have America fully crossed off. Although, I really want to add Washington and Charleston to it now!

So next June we are off to Florida where we are hiring a car and touring the state. Our first stop is:


Where we are staying for a week. We have two passes one to Disneyworld and the other to Universal - as I am an huge geek and want to visit Harry Potter land haha! We are staying outside the park on International Drive. The way I see it is if you're going to Florida you cant not go to Disneyworld! On our last day we are going to take a little detour East and visit the Kennedy Space Centre! After this we will then head down south to a city Si really wants to stay at.


We're spending 3 days here and the beach is out of this world. Since California I have fallen in love with pretty beaches so I am sure Miami won't disappoint. Si really wants to visit Jay-Z's 44 club. Does anyone know of anything else that is a must see/do in Miami?!

After Miami we are heading westward to the place I am most excited about going to...

Florida Keys

We thought that finishing the holiday off on some really relaxing islands would be the best way! The pictures looks spectacular and we will have 4 days to go see all the 7 seven little islands. I have only heard good things about the Keys so I am very excited to be able to cross this off my bucket list next year!

 I cannot friggin wait!!!!!


Azmomo2 said...

Do you have issues getting this much time off of work? Around here we are lucky if we manage to get two consecutive weeks off for our vacation time, especially within the first year or so of floor nursing.

Hey Monkey Butt said...

Very cool. I've not been to The keys or Miami. I think Miami Ink is still there. Nice tattoo parlor, but you need an appointment :) Def worth the photos though I guess?!?!?! Sounds like a blast. Disney is great!! We're thinking about hitting FLA again this summer. Unsure yet. I think we're seriously shopping for a mortgage. So we will see :)

Holly said...

Wow - that sounds like yet another amazing holiday! As usual, I am super jealous, heheh! :)

Samantha said...

I'm so jealous! Can I stow away in your suitcase?!

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