Tuesday, 22 May 2012


I actually cannot believe I am writing this post because I am still in disbelief...

...that Rachael, my little baby sister, is 21 today!!! In fact I have set this post to be scheduled at the exact time she was born. 

On 22nd May 1991 at 13:35pm Rachael entered the world with a full head of brown hair and a pair of lungs no Mother would forget. 


I still remember when we used to argue over who got the first iced bun at the bakery when she was 6 and I was 8. It really does make you think how time flies! I mean I remember writing this post for her 18th birthday in 2009!!!

When I speak to people about Rachael I tend to think of this. 

How can you miss the mischievous grin?!

I certainly don't think of her like this....below.

Taken 3 weeks ago...yeah she's certainly grown up a bit!

In honour of her 21st birthday I want to share 21 facts, things I love and things I don't necessarily adore about my little sister.

  1. Oh my! This girl is stubborn. I hate the fact I can never win an argument or get my point across to her without blowing my top off...ever.
  2. I love how she went from "I'm always going to be a tom boy" to the girliest girl I have ever met!!!
  3. When she was little, til the age of about 12, she never wore a pair of trousers. She said they made her legs ache haha! It was all about skirts and dresses, even if they never colour coordinated.
  4. She is so clever, I wish I had her natural intellect.
  5. I hate to admit it but she's a good baker too. She makes the nicest chocolate crispie cakes.
  6. Rach has the most evil glare. It's where her eyes bow down at you and almost cross. With her dark brown eyes you can feel a little intimidated. We joke now and say "oh look here comes the devil."
  7. She has the most time for my little brother and I will always appreciate that about her! She laughs at his jokes when they're not funny, she'll play XBOX with him til late and she makes him laugh hysterically....I adore that about her!
  8. "Whatever" and "just don't get it do you" are literally her favourite words.
  9. She has the biggest fear of flying and going on boats. I really felt for her when we flew to NYC last November. 
  10. I'll always remember when we went to the panto one year when she was little and we got to meet the dwarves playing in Snow White. I'll never ever forget her shouting "MUM LOOK AT SANTA'S TINY LITTLE ELVES!!!" from the top of her voice and everyone turning around in shock.
  11. She snorts when she laughs.
  12. She has this bizarre interest in skiing and will watch the Ski races on Eurosport every spring. Even though she has never skied in her life and never wants to.
  13. She is the most irritating person to watch eat...she picks and prods at everything. JUST EAT GIRL! 
  14. Give her a bag of crisps, fanta and reality telly and you have yourself a friend.
  15. She is the least tactile person ever. She hates hugs and kisses...her future husband will have to love her from afar.
  16. She loves taking photos and editing them.
  17. She has to have most things white. Her brand new car will be white with white interior.
  18. I'll never EVER forget when we were little (aged around 9 & 7) we went to this soft play which, to us at the time, had the longest and darkest slide. Just before we went down together she said she was scared so I said to her "sit on my lap and we'll make this the best day of our lives". The whole way down she gripped my hand and at the bottom said "you're right this has been the best day of my life" and proceeded to go down the slide alone the whole time we were there. I'll always remember that has been, to this day, the only time Rachael has held my hand...and the only time she has told me I am right on anything.
  19. She adores anything Disney and has made it her goal to get every single Disney DVD. Her favourite is Hercules.
  20. Rachael's best attribute?...This sister of mine can talk. She used to be SO quiet when she was little but now you can't shut her up.
  21. And lastly....she has taken to being an Auntie to Cohen like gold dust. She is head over heels in love with him and I have a feeling Auntie Rachael will be his favourite :)

Unfortunately today we are all working but what she doesn't know is that she'll be going to see her favourite band - Westlife - play at their goodbye concert in London (she tried to get tickets but they sold out and she was gutted). But she's going! We are all going as a family to her favourite restaurant Friday!

It was really hard to get her something for her birthday but I have got her a bag full of her favourite things. A new Disney DVD, nail varnish, sweets, Nandos voucher, white stuff for her new car, candles.

Happy 21st Birthday Rach, still cannot believe your this age....here's to the next 21 years!


Barefoot blogger said...

Happy Birthday Rachael.

And I'm sure Cohen will love his Auntie Becca just as much.

Colette said...

What awesome gifts, love that you've put so much thought into what to get her. You have to tell us about surprising her about Westlife!!

Happy Birthday Rachael!

(Becca I remember Rachael's 18th birthday post too, cannot believe she's 21)

Holly said...

Happy birthday to your sister! :)

Kristen said...

I loved your 21 facts!

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