Sunday, 1 April 2012

San Diego, LA & Hollywood.

There was no rest for the wicked when we landed in California. We got to the hotel early evening, slept and were up at 7am. I was 8 time zones behind London so I woke up wanting breakfast at 1am which I found SO strange!

The first day was spent in San Diego and it was so sunny! I loved it here and the beach was to die for.

San Diego Beach.

The hotel behind was GORGEOUS! It's called Hotel del Coronado and it's where Some like it hot was filmed and the book The Wizard of Oz was written here too. It'll set you back about $600 a night here for a basic room.

I love love love this picture of Lotte and I with the ocean behind us!

 My first dip in the Pacific!

Seaport Village - the Bridge behind is the second largest in America!

 Do I say any more? Heavenly!

 Down town San Diego, where the town first began. It was very Hispanic! Lots of Mexican food so I was not complaining!

The next day we left San Diego and went to Los Angeles and Hollywood!

The academy awards are hosted here.

Hollywood Star Walk of Fame.

 Grauman Chinese theatre. It was packed here but it was so good to see footprints and hand prints of the stars. It was first started in the 1940s! I was determined my hands would fit in a celebrity's hand so I went round kneeling everywhere to do so hehe. Guess whose I fitted into?!

 Marilyn Monroe's =]

The Kodak theatre was HUGE inside. We could not go inside the theatre itself but outside they have these pillars with all the films that have won best picture spelt along them. This has been done since the year 2000 and they go up, so far, til 2030!

Afterwards we went on a tour of LA, this house in particular stood out because I commented on how boring it look. Only because all other houses were much bigger and had more d├ęcor. The tour director then informed me that this was the very house Marilyn Monroe rented in order to conduct her affair with JFK in - guess they had to be discreet?!

This was the outside of Beverley Hills. We opted out of the "Star Homes Tour" because if I am honest. I don't really care for what celebrities homes look like. We know they're rich and that they'll be elaborate! It's actually illegal for the star tours to even operate, they're done in these little cars that are quite discreet to trail about The Hills in. So it wasn't for me.

I loved San Diego and I loved what Hollywood had to offer but if I have to be frank out of the whole trip I was only slightly unimpressed with LA. Apart from what I saw there was nothing else to see or do and considering it is talked about so much it's quite small in comparison to the media of it.

Tomorrow San Francisco....


CrysHouse said...

Looks like an awesome trip! Did you get any California pearls?

Ashlee said...

How fun! I am glad you are enjoying your visit here! Of course being from San Diego I would definitley have to agree we are better then LA.

I wish I knew you were here because:
1) My Great Uncle is the owner of the Hotel Dell.
2) I live 15 minutes from the Hotel Dell.

I could of totally came to hang out with you on your San Diego adventure. :)

As for Sea Port Village...I just LOVE IT. One of my ulitmate favorite spots about living in San Diego. :)

Enjoy the rest of your trip!!!

Kristen said...

Have bee looking forward to your recaps. It looks out of this world.

Hey Monkey Butt said...

I think I would have opted out of the tour as well. Of course they have nice houses, why would I spend the time seeing exactly how nice!! tee hee! Love love love the photos!

Holly said...

I love the Marilyn Monroe hand prints, and ye, waking up at 1am wanting breakfast would definitely have been weird!

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