Monday, 2 April 2012

Pismo, Monterey & 17 Mile Drive.

I know in my last post I said that this post was San Francisco...well that's the next post. After Los Angeles we then did this little gem. It was probably one of my favourite moments. 

I witnessed one of the best sunsets I've ever seen on Pismo beach. After a day spent in busy LA it was nice to relax in a calmer place.

 This is Pismo beach behind me just before sunset. We had a paddle in the sea too.

I have a thing that when I go to a new beach I write in the sand the name of the beach and have a picture with me in it. It's the best way to remember.

The next day was SO sunny and warm for a spring day. I'll be honest when the tour director said we were going to little towns today I was a little puzzled. I didn't think this was on the schedule. I was so pleased we went! We visited Monterey first. It's famous for it's canning produce of fish like Tuna. The weather was amazing and it literally lit up the town!

It had a pier you could walk under. There were sea otters here and it was fun to venture around here.

See what I mean about the weather? I was in such a good mood and I love this picture. 

Monterey town centre. It was in this town that everyone was fascinated with our British accents. We went to a little bakery for cookies and the woman kept making us talk because she loved how we spoke 'properly' haha!

We then ventured on a trip around 17 mile drive. It's a pretty self-explanatory title but oh boy it was incredibly beautiful. The scenery was amazing and it was one those places as we toured round that you just thought "how I wish I lived here!". The picture above is known as bird rock - it was more like sea lion rock! 17 mile drive is mainly known for it's golfing. There were golf clubs everywhere. It's most famous for Pebble Beach where the US golf open tends to take place at.

This is the map we used to navigate ourselves round. In the centre is the del monte forest. It had the most beautiful and elaborate houses in there. Bing Crosby had a house in there and Clint Eastwood has a house (more like a mansion!) there too!

This is Point Joe. There is no particular reason why it's called Point Joe - maybe a guy called Joe named it? But it's really hidden and tucked away. It has a beach here that is gated and only the residents of 17 mile drive can use it. 

Last stop on the drive was Carmel by the Sea. Whenever I see these two photos it just makes me want to be there in a heartbeat!!!!!! The beach was the most magnificent beach I have ever seen in my life. White sand, lovely sunshine and the sea?! The only warm sea I dipped my toes in.

The town of Carmel was nice too. It had some little boutiques and a lovely green to have a picnic lunch on. I also got sun burnt here too. It was very hard to leave this place and when I think of this trip my first thought goes here. For a two bedroomed house your looking at millions of $ not thousands. Here's to dreaming....

California is such a big state and when you think of California - LA, Hollywood, San Francisco, Palm Springs and Disney tends to come to a lot of people's minds. It did to me before I went! Now they are probably the last places I think of. It was seeing Monterey, 17 Mile Drive and Pismo that made me realise how it's all the little cities that made California so spectacular! My Gran always says to me "the biggest delights tend to come in the smallest of places" and this could not be more true to California itself. They were little hidden gems that California so neatly hide away for people to find themselves.

Next place? I promise it's San Francisco!!!.....


Kristen said...

Jealousy is an understatement right now.

Hey Monkey Butt said...

Can't wait to see more, I should have waited till they were all up ;) I'm kidding. Is it the camera or are you like hella sun burned in those photos?!

Alex(andra) said...

Hoooly cow that all looks beautiful!! I'm reaaaally jealous. Very cool.

Rebecca Louise. said...

It was the camera. My friend put it on super vivd instead auto or beach mode. I did get a little burnt though so it does show :(

Stacie said...

I am loving the personal tour of California! Thanks for being my tour guide for a state I've never visited. :) I can't wait to see more. :)

Holly said...

Love your tradition of writing in the sand at every beach you visit! :)

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