Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Grand Canyon

Considering the size of the Grand Canyon it was the one thing that I kept forgetting we were seeing. I kept saying to Lotte "what are we doing on Tuesday? Not another day of travelling is it?!" (because we spent the day after Yosemite travelling from California to Laughlin, Nevada. And then on the Tuesday another 5 hours to reach the canyon in Arizona) She was almost sick to death of reminding me that we were going to see one of the 7 natural wonders of the world! How could I forget we were seeing that...

There was one word to describe this place....jaw dropping. 

I think it is one of very few places where I actually had no words. The pictures and videos do not do this place justice. It's astonishing at the sheer size, the depth and the fact it has taken between 2-5 billion years to create! I still find it amazing that a tiny river (Colorado river) billions of years ago began this beauty!

As I approached the Canyon I did not expect this to be my first view!

Lotte and I at the entrance to the main area of the park. 

The canyon is SO huge that you need to use a telescope to see right back. It was really cool to see all the layers built up over the years right up close!

This is my favourite photo from the whole holiday. It says so much of my plan for 2012 - to see the world and all its glory. This was glory. 

We then did a bucket list moment. I have always wanted to fly in a Helicopter! And to fly in a Helicopter over the Grand Canyon was just the best. Our pilot was called Scooter and he was from Ohio.

Inside the Helicopter as we were taking off. I was a little nervous as you feel a little more exposed.

Inside the canyon.

Colorado river running through the middle of it.

The view as we were leaving it. To say I have walked around the canyon and to say I have also flown over it makes me feel very lucky!

Arizona desert.

Once we left the Canyon we headed westward to our next stop. We drove through the Arizona desert for a bit. I have never been in a desert and I always thought they were quite boring. Sand? A bit of foliage here and there? Not this one! It was beautiful to travel through and the sunset over the mountain was out of this world!

Our last stop...Vegas!


Stacie said...

The Grand Canyon is on my list, too. I haven't seen much of the western part of our country. One day... Thanks for sharing your pictures. Can't wait to see Vegas through your lens.

Hey Monkey Butt said...

I've never seen photos like these of the grand canyon either. Of course I guess I never looked. Now I want to go!!!

Holly said...

That looks like the coolest experience ever! I am so ridiculously jealous!

I think I would have been a bit freaked out by flying in the helicopter too though. I don't love flying at the best of times, so being in a tiny helicopter would have been scary! :O

laura anne said...

Loving seeing your America pics! And trying to restrain my inner geography geek looking at the Grand Canyon.

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