Thursday, 19 April 2012


Last week Si and I went for a break to Cornwall in south west England. If anyone who has never been to England before I would never recommend London as being your main stop. England has such beautiful countryside and much nicer locations to enjoy! Cornwall is one of them and we had a lovely 4 days there. Instead of doing a long drawn out post I just wanted to share some photos from our time there.

We arrived late in the evening and had fish and chips on the beach. It was one of the best sunsets I have ever seen!

The following day we went on a 10 mile bike ride along the Cornish north coast. I haven't rode in years since my bicycle was stolen 3 years ago. Luckily I didn't fall off but I had the most numb bum at the end of it! The path we took was from Padstow and it was called The Camel Trail. It was originally the  old train line which they stopped and it's now a scenic route!

We then spent the afternoon in Padstow -  the famous fishing village. Sadly it rained quite a lot but we took a speed boat ride around the quay and then had lunch.

After lunch we played miniature golf and I got two holes in ones! Wahoo! In the evening we went out for a Chinese. 

The following day was much SUNNIER! I love my sunshine. It was a special day for Simon as we went to a little town called St. Mawes on the south coast. His Grandpa's ashes are scattered here as it was his favourite place and I can totally see why. I got lost in my own little world there.

St. Mawes

Now if you want the best scones in the world then go to Cornwall. They are renowned for their famous Cornish clotted cream and jam. I wish I could have taken a heap home with me! We then spent the rest of the day in Falmouth and then we then went for a date night in Padstow again.

Si surprised me with this necklace after our Italian meal. It's beautiful!

After we came back - FULL!

The following day we had to leave our little bed and breakfast guest house. The scenery and views were amazing!!! Imagine waking up to this everyday?!

On our way home we stopped off in Fowey (pronounced Foy). It's popular for it's ice-cream. In fact Cornwall do the best clotted cream ice cream (sorry Italians!). We took a boat out and took a tour of the bay. I have never driven a boat (put put) before so it was quite fun!!!!

Fowey joy!!!

Our last picture before leaving. I will remember this view behind us for the rest of my life!

Even though I have just come back from America it was nice to go somewhere for a couple of days just to relax and do a few things. I almost needed a little holiday to recover from the previous one because America was so jam packed!!! We will be returning to Cornwall again.

Oh and TODAY is my sister's due date. She is really feeling it now as struggling to sleep and now she is off work she is literally nesting and twiddling her thumbs. I really want to meet this niece/nephew of mine so HURRY PLEASE!!!!


Hey Monkey Butt said...

Lovely post and love the photos. What a beautimus trip! It's always nice to have a relaxing few days. ::fingers crossed:: for your sis to deliver soon! I'm sure she can't wait! :)

Holly said...

Wow! Cornwall definitely is beautiful, and is now definitely on my list of places I want to visit!

I hope your niece/nephew makes their appearance soon! :)

Kristen said...

Looks lovely!!!

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