Wednesday, 14 March 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

There are three things that I am absolutely loving at the moment.


It's so nice that it is a little lighter in the evenings and the south has blessed with some beautiful sunshine. I can now wear cardigans instead of thick coats!

2) Fruit Teas.

I am not a hot drink drinker. I never have been either. How an Earth anyone likes tea and coffee? ick! But one of the girls at work asked me to try some of her fruit teas. I tried the green tea- ick! I tried the lemon tea- ick! Then I tried her Cranberry one - yum! I am drinking it like it's going out of fashion. I also really like the raspberry and blueberry one too!

3) America in 6 days!!!
I can hardly believe that this time next week I will be in Los Angeles. I have been so - miserablypreoccupied with work lately that I haven't been counting down. It wasn't until this morning when a patient of mine asked me when my next holiday was. I was shocked at my response of "Oh not until the 20th of this month...Oh my in 6 days time!!!" Panic mode to get stuff ready has set in!


Hey Monkey Butt said...

Yay America :) Thats very cool and it's springy here in most of america as well, so good choice on timing :) Dont panick it will all be awesome! tee hee

Stacie said...

It's almost like summer over here... make sure you check the weather before coming over so you can pack lightly! You may not even need a cardigan. :)

I love hot coffee, iced coffee, hot tea and iced (sweet) tea. I am glad you are developing a taste for such delightful things.

Hope you have safe travels- I have never even been to LA. My FIL used to live near there at Redondo Beach but we never made it out to visit him when he lived there. Can't wait to see all of your pics.

Holly said...

Heheh I love that herbal tea is growing on you. I never used to like it either, but recently I have become hooked. Do you have the Healtheries brand? If you do, you should try the Fejoia one. It's my current favourite. :)

Kristen said...

Come see me!

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