Tuesday, 20 March 2012

States Bound.

When you read this I will be flying on a plane to America! I am so excited for everything we have planned on this trip. I was looking at the links to hotels and the attractions nearby - *does a happy dance*.

My only fear is the jet lag. I hate it! I get the worst migraines and when I was in New York last November pain killers and I were firm friends. I will be 7 hours behind British time unlike the 5 hours time difference I had in NYC. So here's to hoping I overcome it quickly and will be easily distracted! Below is a list of where I will be going on which dates so if you happen to see me any American pals- give me a wave!

20th March 12- Flying 11 hours and landing in Los Angeles. I have to say I am so excited for the Virgin airlines in flight entertainment system. The films are awesome!

21st March 12- Free day in Los Angeles. We really want to do Sunset Boulevard, Rodeo drive and of course the Hollywood sign!

22nd March 12 -  The travel company we're travelling with offer an excursion to San Diego for the day. Depending on what we get done in LA the day before we will see about going here.

23rd March 12 - Today we have the morning in LA and then we're getting a coach to San Francisco. Along the way we're stopping for a BBQ lunch on Pismo beach! I think San Francisco is the city I am most excited about seeing at the moment, but I guess I'll tell you that when I get back. We arrive late afternoon and I think our plan is China town that evening!

24th March 12 - We're exploring San Francisco today! We have also booked tickets to do a tour of Alcatraz island. I also really want to go to Pier 39 and do the cable car to Fisherman's wharf.

25th March 12 - Yosemite National Park. We're staying in a log cabin for the night- so this will be a first. I think this will be a very welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

26th March 12- Travel day bleugh! We're getting a tram and then a coach journey to Nevada. We have booked a hotel in Colorado (Laughlin) to stay for the night.

27th March 12 -  Today will be a bucket list moment. We're spending the day in the Grand Canyon doing the sky walk across it and then doing a Helicopter ride over it!!!! I've never been in a Helicopter before and I just know the pictures and views will be breathtaking!!!!

28th March 12 - VEGAS!!! Sin city has never be high up there on a place to see but my sister and fiance went a couple of years ago. It just sounds too good to be true. Roller coasters in hotels, gondola rides, restaurant that spins...so we're going. Not so much for the gambling but to do everything else. Plus, I am also going to meet April my long time blogger and twitter pal - eekk!!!!

29th March 12 - We're spending half a day in Vegas and then we head back to LA for the night. 

30th March 12 -  10 hour flight back home!

Will share all when I return, take care everyone!


Katie said...

Have a wonderful time! Even living in the States I haven't been to the places you are going, so I'm a little envious, too! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Hey Monkey Butt said...

Have fun and enjoy. Sounds sooooo awesome and can't wait to read all about it and see your awesome photos. YAY!

Stacie said...

Have fun & be safe! I can't wait to hear all about your adventures. :)

tonya said...

Yay for you!! Happy to have you here...I hope you find all that is good and beautiful :)

Holly said...

Hope you're having an amazing time!! :)

Amanda said...

Middle Name Twin, I am SO BUMMED that I moved away and we're not going to get to meet in San Francisco :( I hope you are having an amazing trip, and that my western home is being kind to you! Can't wait for the recaps :)

Mere said...

April and I were talking on facebook over the weekend, and we've come to the conclusion that we need to do a gathering in Texas this year and Vegas Summer 2013! Wouldn't that be fun?! :) Hope you're having a blast!!

Love, Mere

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