Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Baby Shower.

This past Sunday my sister had her baby shower. It was organised by the baby's aunty Emma who is an events planner and she did a good job! If I had a particular word to call my sister it would be fussy. She likes things done a set way so I think Emma had quite a tough job! Nicola loved every second though. 

It was a baby shower with a bit of a twist because usually baby showers are females things. But Nicola wanted Robbie (her fiancĂ©, baby's daddy) there so that meant loads of men came too. However, they were too enthused watching the Rugby! It was set in a really nice room at the back of a close family friend's pub. So we got the venue for free - bargain!

I think Nic's favourite part was opening the presents. The baby was spoilt! In this picture Nicola has a Mr Men shirt for the baby. Nicola LOVES Mr Men and Little Miss and as a kid was always reading the books. I am sure this baby will too!

They were also really blessed with essentials like nappies, wipes, nappy sacks, nursing pads etc.

This little man stole the shower though. One of Nic's friends had a baby 2 weeks ago and this is little Sawyer! He was 12 days old on the day of the shower. Robbie could not stop holding him. He will make a great Dad!!!!

The food was ace too! Their friend Sarah made cupcakes and mum Mum did a spread of food.

It looks like she is drinking wine but I promise it's lemonade! This is the only picture where you can see all of bump! During this time people were writing down their guesses for boy/girl, weight and the name. They both said none had guessed the name but there were 21 votes for boy and only 5 votes for girl!

As there were quite a lot of us playing games was difficult but we played pin the dummy on the baby and the nappy game which Nic and a few of her friends played. Basically Emma put different sauces, baby food and chocolate into the nappies and they had the guess by touching, tasting and smelling. You can see Nic "loved" it haha!!!

Nicola is 34 weeks now. Only 6 weeks to go. She is starting to get a lot of tightness and has dropped a little bit. She started pregnancy yoga and it has helped a lot. She recommends it to anyone expecting! The nursery was completed this weekend - she has gone for a circus and animal theme! My only worry is if the baby is early I am away in Cornwall and if the baby is late I am away up north with Simon's family. Let's hope the baby sticks to the 23rd April!

Aunty Becca here I come!


Ashley said...

Congrats to your sister! Can't wait to see pics of the baby :) Baby showers are soooo much fun (and to be honest, I'd rather do a baby shower rather than a wedding shower because you get cute little stuff!!) Anyways, with that being said, Congrats again to your sister!!

<3 Ash

ktjane said...

It's getting so close! There's nothing as much fun as spoiling a niece or nephew!

Hey Monkey Butt said...

Awe looks like a lot of fun!!! Congrats to the mom and dad to be :)

laura anne said...

yay for another April baby! (they're the best!!)

Stacie said...

How fun! Makes me excited for my shower(s) to come. :) It's super fun being an aunt- I am sure you will enjoy it so much and continue to spoil that sweet baby rotten!

Holly said...

Exciting! Looks like a fun shower! :D I'm still laughing at Thor as a potential name, hehehe!

Callie Nicole said...

It looks like it was a great shower! Your sister is just GLOWING!

Steph{anie} said...

You're going to be such an amazing aunt! I can't wait to hear if baby is a boy or a girl.

Mere said...

She is absolutely glowing! That shower looks like it was a blast!! Love all of your pictures. Y'all look alike, too. Can't wait till you're an aunt!

Love, Mere

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