Monday, 27 February 2012

What I'm looking forward to this year.

So far to some up 2012? It has been awesome and I can honestly say it has been one of the best starts to a year ever. I never did a post about this in January but each year I choose a word that I want each year to reflect. Last year my word was 'hopeful'. I wanted to feel inspired for 2011 and I certainly achieved that. 

I found it hard to choose a word for this year and it wasn't until mid January that I had the most perfect word to describe this year. 


I want to feel so blessed this year. Don't get me wrong I feel very blessed already but I feel incredibly lucky to be seeing and doing what I am in 2012! I have huge plans and lots of exciting opportunities. It's almost to the point I want it to be the end of 2012 already so I can reflect on it - is that sad?!

But I do feel so blessed this year already and I just wanted to share why I feel so fortuitous! I'm at a point in my life where I feel very happy and I just want to document why so I can remember it forever. 

March 2012 - I am so looking forward to seeing Jersey Boys up in London. It has been a show I have wanted to see for a long time. It goes to the top of my list and then another production comes out so it goes back into the second place. Simon is finally ticking that show off for me! Plus on March 20th, I go to America! LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Yosemite and Vegas I cannot wait to grace your side walks and attractions. Plus, in Vegas I will meet my blog/twitter friend April. So excited!!!!

April 2012 - hopefully if things go according to plan the Lobb family will be blessed with a new addition to the family. I CANNOT WAIT to be an aunty! I CANNOT WAIT to see my sister take on motherhood. I just CANNOT WAIT to meet him/her!

May 2012 - At the end of May Simon and I are taking a holiday together. Due to the nature of our jobs we only really see each other evenings and have the odd day off together. So we are going to his parents house in Malaga, Spain for a week. It's in a golf resort and Si plays golf REALLY well! So I guess I better get my clubs outs (no joke I called them bats the other day!). 

June 2012 - It's the Queen's Jubilee! I am not a huge lover of the Royal family - sorry to any royal lovers but I just don't see the point in why we need a royal family?! But I do love a reason to celebrate being British and the jubilee will do most certainly do this! Plus, at the end of June I am going to dress up for the Henley Regatta! (bit like Ascot for racing but this is rowing instead.)

July 2012 - OLYMPICS LONDON 2012!!!! I have never been a massive sports fan but I do love me some of the Olympics. To me Athletes work dam hard to show off their skills compared to some over paid footballers on a pitch every weekend. To be able to showcase the world's finest athletes is a very proud moment for the UK. For anyone outside the UK I cannot tell you how excited London are to host this years Olympics. It's crazy town over there!!!!! There are countdown clocks in loads of places, signs everywhere reminding us and it's on the news virtually everyday that it's happening. I know other countries have worked hard to produce awesome Olympics but the UK have honestly worked rigorously to get this and I know we will put on a great Olympics! I really hope you tune in! I'm hopefully going to get tickets to see one of the events. 

August 2012 - I am going on a girly holiday with my my sisters and a friend to Menorca. I'll get to see Oli again and lay in the sunshine for a week. Perfect combination!

September 2012 - there's nothing definite yet but I may be going to Barcelona again! In my Barcelona post I said I really wanted to experience Barcelona in the sunshine. It was lovely in the winter but I know in the summer it will be glorious! I'm thinking of taking Simon for his 27th birthday as his birthday is this month anyway.

October 2012 - this is the only month where I don't have something to really look forward to. Maybe I'll just rest this month and feel blessed doing nothing?!

November/December 2012 - AUSTRALIA! Enough said. It has been THE country I have been desperate to visit my whole life. Nothing will beat this!

I know and I am sure I have plenty of other things to feel blessed by but these really stand out. Other than that I am working loads to pay for all of this! I know many have asked how I afford all these trips etc but the honest answer is. I work for it and save really hard. My work are really understanding of my plans but I work all the hours I can to treat myself :)

I feel blessed for even having the chance to go to all these things. Let alone how I'll feel afterwards. What is your word for 2012?!


Callie Nicole said...

Looks like you have a ton of fun stuff planned! Can't wait to read about all of it. :-)

CrysHouse said...

I'm so jealous of all the traveling you do!

ktjane said...

There's little that is as much fun as being an aunt! Spent the weekend snuggling my sweet niece, in fact.

Traveling mercies on all of your adventures! Can't wait to hear all about them!

Holly said...

Exciting! Looks like an amazing year! I am also really jealous of all your travelling! NZ is so far away from everywhere, lol!

I don't have a word for 2012, but my goal is to still be alive and relatively healthy by the end of it, lol! It is also to work as much as I can and save so I can travel next year! :)

Kristen said...

Jealous much?!

laura anne said...

I'm also jealous of the amount of travelling you get to do!! :)

Also sharing excitement about Olympics. eeeeee! Cycling and Gymnastics especially!!

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